QUESTION for future PSM tourny in SoCal

How about the weekend right before E3. May 6th? Week after E3 is cool to, May 13th but more people may be in town for E3.


I checked the scheduling for E3 and it showed May 10-12 (wed-fri). on the website.

I don’t think there’s going to be too much of a conflict on May 13th. The reason behind May 13th was b/c some EC players requested for this date so that they can come over as well.

Hmm… no ST tournament?

I’ll try to run ST casual if it’s cool with Eugene/other tourney directors at the very least.

What do you guys think of a Xbox ST (AC Ver.) or PS2 AE side tourney?

Since I have a TV and more time to plan unlike last year where I decided to bring ST one day before last summer’s event.

Any news on this?


Now that there is a date for this tourney, what we need now is:

List of Games:
Entry Fee:
Deadline to Enter:
Console (systems), Arcade, or Both:

Either tomorrow (mon) or tues. I will post a new thread up. Just been busy and I need to discuss some final things with Albert.

Cool, just let us know the title of the new thread, post a link, or something.

New tournament thread has been posted.

Title of thread is: PSM Spring Tournament May 13th, 2006