Question concerning Cthulu PCB's handling of d-pad input on PS3

I noticed something very strange with my PS3/multi-console Cthulu PCB, for some strange reason, it may be registering d-pad inputs differently than other PCB’s.

some examples:

At the character selection screen in Tekken Tag 1 (part of Tekken Hybrid), I noticed the game will not register inputs for up and down, forcing me to pick characters from the first row. However, the game recognizes up and down inputs while I’m in a match. My other sticks, work percectly fine though.

In Tekken 6’s Scenario Campaign mode, my Cthulu stick only registers movement in Free-Movement mode instead of the normal fighting-based movement you would get from using the d-pad. I tested scenario campaign out on another stick, and all joystick movements were being registered as if it were done with a d-pad.

Based on my tests from Tekken 6, is it safe to assume that the Cthulu is registering directional movements from the left analog stick, or would it be something else creating this issue? Is there any way to fix this shit, because it’s really annoying and I also like the stick that uses the Cthulu.

Double check your Joystick or Dpad for any wear and tear or loose wiring

I tested out a new TP-MA and wiring harness with the Cthulu. Problem still persisted.

This might be an issue with the PCB’s firmware. Can anyone confirm this, let alone have solutions to this problem?

I can’t replicate the issue, I have a multi-console Cthulhu but no Tekken Hybrid

I don’t have this issue with the multi-console Cthulhu PCBs I own

I know it registers both d pad and pov hat (aka left stick) simultaneously on pc, but I don’t have a ps3 to test your problem on. Not aware of this being an issue on any other game, must be the way TH processes inputs.

That gives me an idea, can’t believe I didn’t think of this till now

Force ether D-pad only or Left analog only mode

I forgot which is which but you hold start or select as you plug in your stick to force the controller modes

See if that helps your game

Where did you find this information. The official manual (aka, piece of paper) that came with the Cthulu never mentioned anything about that. See here for reference:

I’m retarded. The solution darksakl presented works.

Tekken Hybrid character select screen seems to not take too kindly with the left analog stick for some strange reason. I tested out Tekken Hybrid on PS3 and can confirm that character select is wonky when you just plugged in the stick. When I only enable just the left analog stick (holding the Select button while pluggin in the stick), it still has issues. But then when I enable only the D-pad (holding the Start button while plugging in the stick), then it is working fine. I also, for the heck of it, tried it out using the Dualshock 3 controller and it is more or less the same thing… using the left analog stick while on character select is not totally working right… using the D-pad instead and it is responsive.

So in conclusion… when you play Tekken Hybrid with a MC Cthulu stick, hold the Start button while you plug it in.

Do you always have to hold Start while plugging it in whenever you want to operate in Digital mode?

It’s really stupid that the MC Cthulu runs in both digital and analog simultaneously. Which fighting games use analog at all?

The idea was that some pc games only accept one or the other, so this works regardless. Other aftermarket boards in its vein usually have a macro command to toggle dp/ls/rs.

Yes, my Chimp does this as well. Keep in mind that while their main purpose was for fighting games, the boards aren’t only designed with fighting games in mind and nothing else. Some PC games only take input from the left analog stick, so it makes it easier on the user’s end to have the signals duplicated for both the POV hat and the axes instead of it only being one or the other and having to switch between them. It’s supposed to be a one size fits all solution.

Toodles told me himself some time ago.


control+F “X/Y Axis”