Qanba Q4 RAF S3 (PS3/PC 2 in 1)

Hi guys, I’m just wondering if anyone else has this stick and if they do can they please help me answer these questions? I’ve had the stick for a few days until I finally plugged it into my PS3 and noticed these problems.

  1. Where is the PS button? It is a PS3/PC stick however it doesn’t have a button for the Playstation menu.

  2. The [] and the O wires are reversed, so whenever I use the stick on the PS3, [] would be O and O would be []. Could this be fixed by re-wiring the stick? Should I return it?


It might be labeled Home, Menu or Guide instead of PS (it register as button number 13 on your PC).

You should be able top open up your stick and swap the Square and Circle button wires around.

The wiring it self is on whats called quick disconnects, so you don’t need to solder, just disconnect the wires from the button and swap them to there new location.
You might want to use labels or different colors of tape if the wires are all the same color. Don’t be afraid to label what button you want to do what inside of your stick.

Oh yeah nice avatar for a 15 year old guy.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Is there any risk involved when I switch the wires? Because I’m scared that I’d mess my stick up if I do something wrong since I’ve never done something like this before.

Nope. Just work with the stick unplugged and as long as you pull on the connector on not the wire itself, you should be fine.