Psychic kongoshin!

I always wanted to know on which char LP Kongo works vs. mash jab + universally. But I was always to lazy to spend two hours in training room. So thx for the list.

But damn, sad to see, that for 2/3 of the cast it is still a guess between jab and So rule of thumb still remains, LP Kongo vs. low attackes/kicks and the rest MP Kongo… or EX right away.

P.S. Gouken himself is also not in the list…

Haven’t follow this thread yet, but do you intend to list situations where counter has a certain rate of succes? I mean the list is the scientific basic. But in the end it boils down to just a few situations where counter is a legit tactic (if read), e.g. anti or jab mash traps, opp jumps over fireball, Guile or Chun using fireballs as shield, meaty fireballs ingeneral, certain frequent pokes like Zangief st.MP, Balrog cr.LP, Ryu cr.MK, Gouken st.LK/cr.MP/cr.HK, etc…

A list of non armor breaking, multi hit attacks flat out beating Kongo could also be interesting, e.g. Blanka double kick, Rolento Rekka and multi hit jump in (not sure?), Zangief Green Hand, Bison something, etc.

having a reference tool at least will solidify working knowledge of some choices, and the list is very young still, and although a long time coming still has alot of room for additions

RE: gouken- anything I can do to make mirrors less difficult for some I will not do :wink: , I will not paticipate in the proliferation of anti-gouken tech

Hahahaahahahahahahahaaha I think they should know what can he punish himself

ok fine lol

Hey takin, can you write all the Kongo in the first comment like pin it or edit it?? So you just open the thread and it’s right there!!

sure and I liked your format…Ill redo in a couple days