Project Box question: would a 15 foot DB25 cable cause input lag or signal loss?

I ask because the only straight-through DB25 cable I can get a hold of is 15 feet long (or longer). Is there a certain length where signal loss or input delay becomes a problem?

hey, cylon (joke), just outta curiosity, why are you using db25?

I have my setup 3ft from my CP to my switch and my dreamcast adapter is on the end of a 6ft cable from there. Button presses are instant with no lag.

The speed of electricity is quite impressive, I would not worry about it.

Think about online gaming, your fighting people that are hundreds or thousands of miles away and your sending a signal through the net to a server so it has to make that trip twice!

I’m modding an SE FightStick, so I’ve got 4 directions + 8 face buttons + start + back + guide + ground, plus possibly a 5V line if I keep PCB’s in the stick itself, so that’s either 16 or 17 lines .