Problems with PS360 w/ Fwidget

OK, so I started asking questions in Tech Talk Think out loud but I decided to start a thread. In this new thread I will include questions already awnsered.

ME: Anyone ever have problems hooking up a PS360 to fwidget? All the buttons work fine, the led hooked up to the stick lights up on input in every direction but only left and right actually work in the control panel and while plugged into a xbox. I have double and triple checked everything. I have done this mod with te pcbc, fightpad with chimp smd, and with cthulu never had this problem. When i plug the joystick harness directly to the ps360 it works…idk help plz?

Phreakazoid187 : Just for clarification, you say all buttons and LEFT/RIGHT work while plugged into the systems/pc. The only ones unresponsive are UP/DOWN?

ME: yes sir, everything works and all leds come on like they should
even the joystick lights up for upvand down. But up and down dont register. I tried a new harness…nothing. I tried touching the up and down terminals with a ground wire…nothing.

Phreakazoid187 Measure the voltage on UP/DOWN before and after you activate said directions. Then measure LEFT/RIGHT the same way.

Ok heres the voltage

Right/ 3.70/ 00.1
Left/ 3.70/ 00.1
Down/ 3.76/ 00.1
Up/ 3.76/ 00.1

Phreakazoid187Hmm, well just for shits and giggles I checked the data sheet of the PS360’s processor, all of those lines seem to be 5v tolerant so they’re not being compromised by their connected voltage it seems. I’ll try and delve a little deeper, maybe up/down are on lines that have specific current requirements that are being violated though…not sure. It makes little sense that only those two would not work when all other buttons/directions do but it also seems interesting that up/down voltage matches each other but differs from left/right.

Fun fact, the PS360 runs at 3.3v and it’s I/O are all that level, but it’s VCC screw terminal pumps out the 5v of USB for things like powering other boards/led’s/etc.

Thanks again for helping bro!
Also here is another weird thing when i put the stick in :db:or:ub: position it registers as :u:.
Maybe I should make a thread

==edit here are some shitty pics
the wiring was pretty clean untill i unscrewed all the pcbs and cut off all the wire ties to try and fix this lol

So anyone else ever have these problems?

Last night I unhooked everything from the fwidget and tested the PS360 alone. It worked fine.
Oh PS360, I knew you were to good to be true.:shake:

I ran into a similar issue with sparky led mod with a ps360. My ps360 input lines where actually throwing random noise. I checked with a USB snooper / host to determine the cause. At the end of the day, I ended up using small signal diodes from the ps360 into the direction of the sparky. Per (akishop) is aware of the issues with the ps360 and is working with his team to remedy.

Wait, so let me make sure I got this right. All PS360s have issues working with FGWidget and Sparky? If so then sad face because I was planning on doing my stick’s LED mod next and those were the 2 boards I was looking at using =/.

So if I understand you can not solder a mod or Sparky FGWidget a PS360?. I’d like some information, thanks.

just confirmed with a PS360 and some pull up resistors; no FGW LED Controller or anything else. Directions pulled up to 5v, Up and Down wont register in 360 mode. If Left and Right aren’t pulled up past their normal 3.3ish volt, Up and down work peachy pulled up. Odd. If I’m seeing this right, that means same problem will happen with people dual modding ps360’s to MC Cthulhu’s.

32teeth is right. Four of any cheap signal diodes (n4148 being one of the easiest/cheapest to find) would be the best way to handle it. Screw down the diode leg without the band into the direction screw terminal, connect other leg of the diode with the band to the microswitch and FGW LED Controller/Sparky/Cthulhu/Whatever other signal lines for that direction.

(PS360 direction screw terminal)---------|>|---------(microswitch and FGW direction screw terminal)

P.S. Stickers rule. Thanks Raoul Duke!

roger that sir, I think I’ll keep the PS360 sticks without LEDs right now :frowning:
Thanks for the info

Guess I will just wait until the next version of the Akishop PCB to do my LEDs :frowning:

That’s some weird behavior. Toodles, that only happens in 360 mode? I have a PS360 but don’t have a moment to putz around with it.

Oh, and the LDO is clean, checked it the other day, it doesn’t seem overtly noisy.

I dont know; I only tested it in 360 mode.

Is this problem only for those running LEDs to a joystick as wel as buttons, or across the board for any led setup? I’ve got a PS360/fgwidget combo now for a client and have no problems yet. That said, I may do this to be safe

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The problem only occurs if the direction screw terminal (ULDR) are connected to something other than plain microswitches. (Specifically, if those directions are pulled up to 5v.)
Other signals dont appear to cause the problem, so other boards wired to button signals should be fine, as long as the directions arent connected to that other board. As long as the UDLR directions arent wired to the LED controller, you should be fine.

Unfortunately, this likely means that the PS360 wont be compatible with p360’s or Spark optical joysticks without additional work.

Ok.ive only got the buttond on the lights, so I’m good. But if I go with an optical I’ll just remember to use the diodes.

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