PETA won't let pregnant women eat chicken wings in order to secure maximum penis size in the child

They dont like it when I club baby seals either, they are basically the inventors of femnazi evilness and are an absolute joke organisation.

Male PETA members are already dickless, though.

Female PETA members only eat slit.

Where is their vested interest, but the chickens?

And this is coming from a vegetarian.

One fucking joke after the other with PETA.

The best part is how they spin it into trying to help women. “[E]vidence indicates that heterosexual women’s sexual satisfaction depends in part on their partner’s penis size.” God help them if they do anything to help men; even when it does help men, it has to be considered better for women and fucking “smart, sensitive chickens” than men.

Bull shit. You just want all the chicken for yourselves. Plus, if chicken was so bad for the baby’s penis, then how do we explain the stereotype behind black people, chicken, and dick size? You can’t have it both ways, god dammit!

I have a theory that PETA was set up and maintained by the beef and chicken industry to promote thier products.

There is no other resonable way to explain thier stupidity.

PETA sure loves cocks…yeah be tight that I beat yall to that lazy double entendre.

But vegan women are five times more likely to have boys with hypospadias. WHAT NOW PETA?

Having a small dick is awesome.

I could literally talk every single one of my ex-girlfriends into doing anal, just because they thought: “Well, can’t hurt that much.”

I have a friend who has pretty much only eaten fried chicken for most of his life

He has an oestrogen problem - slight breasts and can’t grow a beard.

I’m just saying SRK, calm down

Yes because all of that was the fault of the fried chicken. Get The Fuck Outta Here.

When you’re thick enough that even Magnums choke your chicken (on topic, yo!), you learn not to even broach the subject. Sigh.

I guess vegetarian babies are real lemons, amirite? See lemons are a fruit and I have made the witty suggestion that children with birth defects born to vegetarian women are lemons colloquially known as defective as well as lemons in the literal sense of the word.

I’ll assume anyone who doesn’t give me an insightful, like, or lol is still in too much awe of my intelligence to be able to click their mouse.

They want guys to have bigger dicks so when they go out and fuck animals the animals will have a better time.

…oh PETA is there anything you wont do for the animals?

Maddox is still waiting from a response from PETA.

PETA done fucked up now.


Nice Try Peta.

Sure. Nobody cares about the animals, so say that something bad will happen to your dick if you eat chicken. :wow: :shake: … :rofl: However…

1: The people in question (Pregnant moms) do not have the organ in jeopardy.

2: the children who may (or may not) be born with the parts in question are never going to be able to prove that they got short changed because of mommy chowing down on chicken during pregnacy.

3: If this was true, then a LOT of guys in America alone wouldn’t have the bat to play ball with. Just sayin.


wanna see peta try and tell a pregnant black woman this shit. shes gonna laugh in her face before she punches it. or even better a latino mom…no chicken rice and beans dinner…“peta your already dead”

You know what, we should ban pregnant women from eating watermelon, just because I don’t want black men to put me to shame anymore.


Just kidding, my mom ate watermelon daily when she was pregnant with me, she said.

Can you imagine how this came about?

Group of PETA people sitting around…

Person 1: It seems that the average man just doesn’t care about animal rights. We need an in.

Person 2: What do they care about?

Person 3: …their penises?

Person 2: Brilliant! We’ll tell them that eating animals will make your dick smaller!

Person 1: I see no possible way this will make us look bad.