Perfectly execute blanka ultra/super with turbo controller => gamepad MOD Video

This thread is for both games sfiv/ssfiv and for all turbo controller blanka players on pc, playstation and xbox360. I took my time to share my knowledge with you, so you can study/learn how to play blanka with turbo controller.

2010-06-30 21:01 GMT+1: I now use my tubrocontroller
with EAXUS USB Adapter

on playstation 3 for super street fighter iv. i cannot use keyboard2gamepad mapping tools (like rbjoy on pc sf4) on the playstation 3 anymore. so for the perfect execution of blanka ultra combo and blanka super combo i had to modificate the turbo switch of my turbogamepad with a clothes pin (thanks for the tip from Martin, one friend of me). starting ultra (or super) requires turbofire enabled and directly after the starting sequence turbo must be disabled to press down the button and delay blanka roll for the final air juggle with releasing the hold down button when the opponent character is falling down. This sounds so cpmplicated, so lets make some steps to explain:

  • play blanka with all turbo buttons ENABLED
  • start blanka ultra or super with turbo ENABLED
  • directly after the starting sequence disable turbo for the starting ultra/super combo starting button and press down the button to stop blanka roll forward
  • if blanka hit the opponent when blanka is in the air (most common): the opponent character will get hit ONLY ONE TIME and the opponent character flies up
  • button ist pressed down without turbo and blanka is stopped on the ground
  • opponent is falling down from the air, now release the pressed down button and blanka will move forward, the opponent character will land on blanka and get air-juggled hits of blankas ultra (or super combo)
  • continue: play blanka with all turbo buttons ENABLED until you make use of blanka ultra or super combo again

capcom could have stop blanka after starting ultra (or super) by default and start the moving forward sequence manually by pressing once the the PPP-Button for blanka ultra (or Hardpunch button for blanka super). So there wont be any problems for the use of TURBO and ULTRA/SUPER at the same time. For me, the execution of blanka ultra and super combo is a development bug which really needs to be patched into what i said above, so every turbo controller can be used for both blanka electrics and blanka ultra/super. instead of that, in sfiv and ssfiv not even the official mad catz sf blanka controller with 2 turbo speed levels is really suitable to play blanka with enabled turbo, cos you cannot execute ultra/super perfectly with turbo enabled. i am a lucky one, i have a turbo controller which has a physical turboswitch that allows the following states:

  • OFF=all buttons turbo disabled
  • ON=all buttons turbo enabled
    That physical switch was really of bad quality, and sometimes it worked, sometimes not, so i had opened my gamepad “THE PAD by Innovation” and soldered both terminals together with two cables, those cabled i connected together by default so i always had turbo enabled for all buttons, i only played sf with that gamepad anyway, so it never bothered me having allways turbo enabled. when it came to blanka ultra/super combo, i took a clothes pin and pushed the two terminals at the end of the clothes pin, so by default, turbo is always enabled, but i can disable turbo with pressing the clothes pin down and perfectly execute blanka ultra/super which is very important to win vs most ryu/sagat shoryuken shurken. Here is the mod video:
    so the official madcatz sf4 gamepad for blanka
    does NOT have a physical SWITCH with terminals to enable/disable turbo for all buttons. instead of that, it uses a internal microcontroller device to enable/disable turbo for each button individually, a soldering solution with a clothes pin is impossible here. but i still ask you: does anyone have a similar mod (disable turbo while an extra button is pressed down) for the official madcatz sf4 gamepad for blanka ultra/super when turbo is enabled? let me know. please share your knowledge, so others can learn from it.

Another question about turbo technology i often see in webforums is, how fast the turbo speed should be. well, the game runs in 60 fps, therefor the nyquist theorem only allows 30 useful input informations per second, while having turbo with 30 hits per second could be like either perfect 30 hits per second OR the same like holding the button down if the input engine exactly asks the state at the same time the turbo is fired. The absolutely perfect turbo speed for sfiv and ssfiv therefore is to have turbo with 15 hits per second. i am 100 % sure the input engine cannot even handle the complete 15 hits per second, but i am still lucky if it recognizes at least 10 hits per second.

my psn ID:
my sf blanka turbo controller homepage:

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Oh boy, this thread is definitely going places. Guess I’ll be the first to reply with the obvious:

Why bother flicking Turbo on and off when Blanka’s Super and Ultra 1 are easy as shit to do on pad (just roll the directions like a SNK super), and Ultra 2 is at least somewhat doable?


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Something tells me that this will not go well.

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Wow you have done the Blanka Army a great service! I salute you!

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anyone can do the super and the ultra with that kind of accuracy, even on the ps3 controller. question is, can you combo any of those moves? hmmm? huh? huh? can you?

thought so.


just saw some videos of yours. i take it back, your blanka’s much better than mine.