"Our Universe may be the interior of a black hole existing in another universe”

wtf…so maybe aliens could come from the outer universe?! anyone know if this site is a legit site?

Radical New Theory: "Our Universe may be the interior of a black hole existing in another universe? (Today’s Most Popular)

Wow, that was a very interesting read, this does make sense in the solution the inflation problem. Sometimes while lying in bed at night before falling asleep, random thoughts flow into my head, and one such recurring idea is that if the universe began with the big bang…then, what triggered it, what is before the big bang, and when that idea pops into my head, my heart skips a beat probably from fear of the unknown. Space stuff is definitely one of my favorite topics, such a grand mystery.

This makes me imagine getting sucked into a black hole and emerging in the land of Thor or something. Too bad I’d probably be absorbed into nothingness beforehand.

how the fuck are these people so smart to figure this shit out. i can’t even understand what the hell they’re talking about, and i love astronomy.

confusing as hell, but a fun read

And I hypothesize that that universe is in the black hole of another universe.

Where’s my grant money?!

It’s funny because I made a thread with this theory like 2 years ago. It’s a shame the laptop where I wrote the copy had the HD messed up. I proposed this theory because it also explains how a singularity could form while not expending energy. Black holes are the perfect incubator for such a phenomena which perfectly translates into a big bang formation.

Dammit where is my thread?!

I always love it when things the smartest people say make more sense when you’re on acid than when you’re sober, makes me wonder…

I’d be interested to see how this theory interacts with how black holes lose mass and eventually shrink

what makes this more interesting is…arent rules of time and space supposed to be wacky and distrupted in black holes…so wouldnt this explain ghosts and apparitions alike.

Time is a human construct, so is space. So this is vague. It’s a gravity issue in physics. It only has mass, charge, and momentum (IIRC). Gravity can mash a larger item into something small, and due some other things that are far above anything I understand, it can pretty much smash even waves of light into a tiny thing and suck them in. The raw mass of the fucker creates crazy gravity and things just get sucked in and smushed. Time is such a human construct that this get’s into insane, but in theory time, not as in the hour passage but the aging of things, can also get smashed by gravity, again, due to the fuckers mass.

Best way to view them is take the mass of say our sun, and now collapse that fucker into something the size of a bowling ball that still has the same mass, all fucking hell breaks lose. (this is an exageration on how small it is and our sun isn’t that big of a star either so I know it’s not correct).

Space and time are human constructs based around what we encounter here, they have no real true value so “it shatters space and time” doesn’t really mean anything other than whip people into a fright. It does have true values though, in gravity, mass, and the momentum we can see in things getting sucked into it.

But it doesn’t explain ghosts or anything like that.

I’m no scientician, but does this have something to do with how particles seem able to instantaneously react to each other’s movements over long distances without any apparent means of communication or “lag?”

so you basically wasted a reply uh?

like i like playing scientist with theories like this…like what if ghosts are really echos due to us being a black hole and the rules we know are bent because of the black hole.

I responded to space and time, you were the one that claimed “space time = ghosts”

no i wasnt saying time and space=ghosts im basically saying since were in a black hole…the rules we understand as time and space are bent. and that ghosts could possible be explained in science. like basically maybe their echos, instead of actual spirits that havent moved on.

You’ve been watching too much Cowboy Bebop.

lol was that an episode…been way too long since ive seen the series.

It’s part of how light speed travel works. Not exactly the same but basically anything traveling through a “Light Speed Gate” can be seen by the naked eye but can’t interact with anything on the normal plain of reality and appears as an echo or ghost.

Sorry to bring Anime into this…I’ll stop.


I made a very detailed posit on this before, too bad the thread was deleted.

In my thought experiment on the nature of how universes could form it essentially boils down into an infinite cycle of relativistic creation and destruction.

The Principles

Black holes create a zone of extremely distorted space, where time and the law of thermodynamics don’t follow the same principles.

As a result, conditions that couldn’t exist in normal space can occur. Bose-Eintstein Condensate is a state of matter where the heat energy of atoms (temperature is created by the vibration of atoms) is reduced to almost absolute zero*, and because of this they behave like one super atom, practically indivisible.

*In normal space, absolute zero is seen as an impossibility for atoms to maintain their existence they have to be oscillating in some capacity, no matter how minute. Background microwave radiation also prevents the existence of absolute zero.

This is important to understand because black holes distort space to such an extreme that singularities can exist. Singularites are a point of infinite density while taking up zero volume. This means it doesn’t emit any standard blackbody radiation despite having the mass of many suns in its center.

Now, a bosenova is a supercooled “mini-supernova” that is created when Bose-Einstein Condensate (BEC) implodes and then explodes releasing energy and atoms.

The Big Bang is considered to be a state matter and energy were all tied together in a singularity, but how did this singularity exist? What space existed outside its confines, and most importantly what made this singularity go “Bang!”?

According to Stephen Hawkings, black holes aren’t immortal demons, they eventually lose mass through Hawking Radiation, which honestly doesn’t need to be expounded upon further. Basically, it theorizes that black holes slowly lose mass through the loss of subatomic particles. If they don’t receive anymore infalling matter they run the risk of losing the net mass they’ve accumulated over time.

^This takes FOREVER because the mass of a black hole is on the order of several, if not billions of suns.

The Fate Of The Universe**

Though there are a number of theories on the fate of he universe, for the sake of this thought experiment I will use one of the more plausible realities.

In a million billion years from now the universe is predicted to be a very cold, distant, and dark place. The last stars and galaxies are now extinct and the only remnants are the black dwarfs, neutron stars, and black holes.

These black holes are slowly emitting their mass back into space and have been steadily losing mass for trillions of years. Eventually the amount of mass they lose make them incapable of maintaining their singularity and they explode violently, emitting the last vestiges of light into the murk.

In a googol (1 with 100 zeros) or so years the very last black holes fade fizzle out and the universe is finally dead.

The End?

The Grand Theory

Our universe is theorized to have came from a singularity, and subsequently a big bang. Why did it happen?

Imagine in another universe that is already googol years old, a black hole has now steadily lost enough of its mass and cannot maintain the extreme space-distortion that created the very singularity.

It happens.

An explosion occurs, converting the once unified super-atom into its remnant state. Identifiable fundamental forces and interactions occur, quickly creating photons, quarks, protons, neutrons, and electrons. Because of the loss of density and mass space-time begins to expand unrestricted and the once contorted space-time begins unfurling. The unified BEC mass quickly becomes a bosenova of sorts, losing matter and generating heat as it starts to spread.

From the perspective of the dead universe this explosion happens in just mere moments. However, internally, space-time is still following its own relativistic rules, still isolated from the outside universe.

But it is within these moments in the dying black hole- stars and galaxies form, smaller black holes are created along expanding membrane of the ever-expanding space, as everything is still moving away from each other. To the civilizations formed within these moments, billions of years have passed.

Space continues to expand, the universe that is the dying black hole goes through the exact processes that is occurring in its outside parent universe, but the relation of time is much different, because the space is different. In the dying black hole its offspring black holes are performing the same processes as their mother universe, on an incomprehensibly different scale leading to infinity.