On Cheapness

understandable… So do you view a move spammer as a strategest?

Well the player who chooses sentinel and puts him on point and keeps pressing H came into the match with the plan to lock you down if you dont know how to avoid it you are falling right into his plan so yes he is a strategist.

Yes, especially if the opponent can’t deal with it. The point is to be able to kill your opponent efficiently with minimal risk. What the Sent player is doing is exactly that.

Everybody complains at some point, scrubs or not. Winners or Losers. It’s a fact that we all have to deal with/accept. Yes, some more than others but if you say you never complained once in relevance to a game, you are lying.

Oh god, I was dieing at “Blocked any quad-damage railgun shots lately?”. Loool.

Although in Unreal Tournament 2003/2004, you could block shots with the shield gun. :stuck_out_tongue:

All the good duel maps don’t have Quad Damage :slight_smile:
QD kinda makes dueling really really hit and miss where it doesn’t matter so much if you control the health items, but rather if you can control the quad you are okay, hence why most tournies have map pools xD

but im getting sidetracked

That’s not even the point really.

Which is why I said I was getting sidetracked, but I bring up a good point. Applying blocking to other games is a stupid example. You don’t block Quad Damage rail shots or block in Pac Man because those games don’t lend to blocking, they aren’t fighting games. It wouldn’t make sense to allow blocking in those games.

I actually disagree with a few points in the original post but I don’t want to rob the original poster of his opinion by telling him the wall of text he made isn’t necessarily true.

so I’ll just post filler content

Take note that the original poster is non other than Seth “s-kill” Killian, former SF champion, EVO/SRK founder and current special advisor for Street Fighter at Capcom.

So that’s why it sounded so condescending…I still disagree with some of the things he said. I do respect that he has knowledge of the game way beyond what I know. But I do know the concepts behind game theory and balance, and even moreso what scrubs complain about, and I have a differing opinion, and that wouldn’t change even if he was the president of the United States.

You do have to consider that this isn’t just Seth’s opinion, but the general opinion of the Fighting Game Community in general.

I didn’t say I didn’t accept his opinion as a whole. I merely said I disagreed with SOME of the things he said.
Let it go. Not everyone on the planet agrees with you on everything.

Just a warning, since depending on what part you disagree on, you’re likely to start a few fights.


A pure example of this is 3rd Strike. Its unbalanced. Using Chun/High Tier or Shotos in this game is being cheap simply bcuz they get too much reward for too little to no effort Vs using Low Tier and actually being able to win with ‘skill’ without being douchebag tier scrubs bcuz apparently honor doesnt exist in this realm but skill is 100 times more important anyways. That is what is defined as cheap. The mentality of “Oh I beat you and it doesnt matter how or what char. I used doesnt matter” is sad, flawed and false. How can you even call yourself a good player or pro or elite if all you do is use easy to win with chars. that get away with too much BS w/ cheap tactics that take little to no s-kill to perform? lol

Ive been playing 3S for 5-6yrs and I play HARD MODE AKA Low Tier, well I main Alex whose 14th place but I just started recently started 2nding Urien bcuz I was getting bored with Alex/Q for 2 1/2yrs straight - Urien which is not easy to use for obvious reasons for anyone thats ever tried to use him will know. Not only does it take skill and advanced knowledge of footsies/mind games/parrying(air & red too) to win but I also get this thing called RESPECT for NOT being a Tier Scrub and taking the easy way out bcuz Im proving to the world that Im not a scrub whereas they already did with their choice of char. and style of play proving absolutely nothing.

Ah, the Low Tier Hero option select: even if you lose, you still win, because you picked a “skillful” character and not a “no-skill scrub cheap” character. This entire article is written about you.

Playing a low tier character doesn’t make you some kind of hero.

The cool thing about tournaments is you pay an entrance fee to BEAT OTHER PEOPLE. I dont think you’ll ever see a tourney organizer go up to the winner of a match and say, “Hey, you won the game, but so sorry. The other guy was playing low-tier and had to work harder. You’re eliminated now.”

Players that dominate with low tier do so because said character choice fits best with their playstyle, and gives THEM the best chance to win. Maybe you’re one of them, but the goal there is still to win the game, not to try and gain brownie points with the audience or other players.

Use whatever ethical means necessary to win. “Ethical” in this case means not exploiting a bug in your favour, or using forces outside of the game (e.g. introducing lag in an online match) to shift things in your favour. Spamming fireballs all day is fair game if the opponent can’t avoid it. I’ll never understand why people frown upon campers in FPS games when camping leaves you extremely vulnerable. Sniper rifles are designed for camping, and camping is just another tactic, IMO. Not everyone wants to run and gun; some players like picking off opponents from a distance. Just like how some players prefer slow grapplers over speedy fighters.

Bug is the wrong word. Alot of advanced stuff comes from bugs. MvC2 (and 3) wouldn’t be where it is if not for bugs being used and abused.

The term you’re looking for is “external factors,” stuff not inherent in the game.