Okay this is just pathetic...(maybe too much exaggeration?)

Where are all the Necro Players at?!?
I might just be an idiot and miss one thread…although one thread doesn’t seem like a whole lot to me anyways…

We have a decent Necro player and he’s thinking about quitting (not up to par?)
Anyhow, I can see how Sugiyama ranks Necro 16th or worst 3 chars in the game with Sean and Q…
He takes a lot of fucking work…Links are hard, let alone positioning and he has bad mobility as well

There needs to be a more proficient way to play Necro, and I’m scrubbing out at the moment. He is a fun char tho and stun combos are fun.
This might not make much sense btw, as I am half asleep.

Ending with the tip for the day…
b+fierce x 2, triple crossup (or crossup, double crossup depending on the side), b+forward xx strong tornado hook xx electric snake (stun on normal size stun chars)
Need to be done on chars like Ibuki or Yun where like Yun knocks you down in the corner and walks behind like Dudley or Necro and does st. forward into air combo…peace

my friend that plays necro says you can juggle and then catch them with slam dance in the air?!?!?

I can’t seem to get this to work…

I’m pretty sure it’s only hugo. You can do it in the corner with a jab lariat or a down+back fierce

Yep that is only on hugo pretty easy timing wise in my opinion. You can also grab hugo with his command grab hcb+k same timing as the super.