[Nov 12, 2011] F-4: Five Flags Fighting Frenzy Results (Dubuque, IA)

This event was a lot of fun for my first time runnning a tourney and I’m glad everyone could make it that way. Rough going in the first few minutes (my A.D.D. never helps me out) but things went a bit better once I got my eggs in a basket; good learning experience. Things could have gone better like not running everything at once o_O & having more setups would have been nice; VGE really could have helped out in that area and I still don’t know why they didn’t want any part in it. Otherwise, I think things went along very well. Seeing stuff on a big screen was too cool. Tony from the TH stopping by was a very nice treat, I’ll let you know if something gets published. In short, I’m glad everyone had a good time and that’s really all I wanted. Hope we can do this again and I know it’ll be even better. :tup:

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: The Final Battle-
1 Bill “MysticBill” Kenney
2 Sean “MURPHAGATOR!” Murphy
3 Olli Sinno
4 Blake “NGamer” Zahari
5 Michael “Shin Hogosha” Connelly
5 Jacqueline “Kintehr” Bannister
7 Dustin “Figgy346” Hulsizer
7 Alex “RagingKeela” Ellerbeck
9 Andrew Stocks
9 Michael Haywood

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike-
1 Alex “RagingKeela” Ellerbeck
2 Blake “NGamer” Zahari
3 Olli Sinno
4 Dustin “Figgy346” Hulsizer
5 Michael “Shin Hogosha” Connelly
5 James “DTJB” Brown (hate dropping inputs at tourney time)
7 Jeremy “Smasher” Harnack
7 Bob

Tekken 6-
1 Bill “Mystic Bill” Kenney
2 Alex “RagingKeela” Ellerbeck
3 Justin “Pookie” Ajrris
4 Scott “Xiang” Jackson
5 Jimmy “Pika” Choi
5 Travis “Mada Sivart” Luchtenburg

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition-
1 Blake “NGamer” Zahari
2 Dustin “Figgy346” Hulsizer
3 Michael “Shin Hogosha” Connelly
4 Jay “Kemps” Kim

Mortal Kombat Round Robin-
1 Travis “Mada Sivart” Luchtenburg
2 Scott “Xiang” Jackson
3 Tim Gosche

??Mystery Tourney??
Mike should have results on hand, otherwise some of the games I remember are Power Stone, Project Justice, Kenichi The Mightiest Disciple, Samurai Shodown, some fighter I never heard of before and Windjammers.

Now I know everyone’s real name. Also I won Tekken. Also, i think you meest the SSFIVAE heading above Blake’s 1st place.

Mystery Tournament top 4 (out of 17)
1st - Kemps
2nd - Figgy
3rd - Stocks
4th - Kintehr
5th - Keela, PikaChoi

Going with these from memory:
G.Finals - Windjammers
L.Finals - Super DBZ
W.Finals - Shijyou Saikyou no Deshi Kenichi: Gekitou! Ragnarok Hachikengou (oh yes, that’s a copy/paste right there)
L.Semifinals - Pocket Fighter
L…QFinals - Tech Romancer
W.QFinals - Spectral vs Generation
Others - Project Justice, Kizuna Encounter, Power Stone, Samurai Showdown VI, Twinkle Star Sprites.

I think that’s it.

Fixed now, text script from the bracket software wanted to do crazy stuff on copy/paste. And Spectral vs Generation was the fighter I never heard of before.

But you still don’t know how to spell mine, going off that. Also, lol at Tekken’s lack of a winner. :stuck_out_tongue:

Some pointers for if/when this happens again.

  1. Stagger tournaments. Start half of 'em, then start the other half an hour or 90 minutes later. Eliminates a lot of bottleneck problems and gives people an idea of when they’ll be playing what so they can warm up appropriately, and also gives people a chance to know when they can/can’t get some casual matches in on other stuff.

  2. I’m going to assume you realized this eventually, but lose the notebook. All it did was confuse and delay you. With 19 people there, yourself included, and only about 6 people at most that you haven’t seen before, knowing who is and isn’t playing at the time isn’t that difficult. Also, see suggestion 1. Easier to keep track of everyone when there are only two or three tournaments going at a time.

  3. Have someone help you, especially if you’re playing in a tournament or busy with something else. Scott, Bill, Jimmy, Murphy, and myself have all run more and larger tournaments, and Alex and Olli know how to run a bracket and have helped me at previous DBQ BBQs and, obviously, more than a few weekly tournaments. Also, that poor woman looked like she was going to have an anxiety attack every time nothing was going on, and she was more than willing to help out.

  4. If there’s a problem, fix it. If a station needs to be switched, switch it. If you need help with something with one of those, ask someone. But for the love of everything holy make it happen. Running a tournament is pretty much customer service and resource management.

It’s “Zahari.”

It was a good tournament. Great venue filled with great people.

MysticBill is one word like Madonna

I think my favorite thing from the tourney, other than watching people play stuff I force upon them of course, was oddly enough the Super SF4 tournament. Even with only 4 people, each match was close and hype. Loved every second of it, even the Honda match-up, and I’m happy with how I played against all three of you considering I think all three of you are better than I am. Also, full-screen meter-build punish with Vega’s Ultra 2 against Honda was hilarious.

Sorry I couldn’t make it… Madison here

Having your tournament the same weekend as Milwaukee’s probably hurt the turnout…

Just got back from it and I think we had more entries overall, I know 3s had 12 and I believe SSF4 had 18…no disrespect. (Unless you’re only posting top 8) Just something to consider planning the next one, Jimmy and Bill asked me on facebook if I wanted to come and I said nope, planning for today…

If the next tourney you guys hold doesn’t coincide with anything I will try to make the next one. I really want to play more people from out of state and level up in 3s, as well as meet you all.

Good shit for winning something for Madison, MysticBill.


We made the paper again, Tony is too cool.

While this tourney was a lot of fun, it was also a big learning experience for me. Whole reason I decided to run everything at once was I’ve seen other people run multiple games at once and they went along smoothly. SOOOOOoooooo, run everything together means everything gets played FASTER, YAY! Big mistake I see that now. Should have done MK and SF4 first since they had the least with no conflicting entrants, set up casuals for the next game in line, start the next game once it’s ready and do casuals for another game, continue process 'til the end and leave casuals to one set up. I actually learn more by doing something than watching and I did enough to learn quiet a bit. Oh, and notebook helped once I realized I couldn’t keep track of who was playing what when they were on deck to play 3 games at a time. This WILL run smoother if there’s a next time.

Guess I couldn’t work around other tourneys after all. Originally wanted to do this back in April but communication problems prevented that. Rescheduled a few times to work around Evo and a few other tourneys but things always happen. I’m just glad people showed up. And no, that’s not top 8…that’s the whole tourney. I know.

Yeah I think if you run it in the future just make sure there isn’t a Chicago or Milwaukee tourney the same weekend and I’ll try and show up and play 3s.

I think Chicago and Milwaukee should be your priority outside of Iowa…and Madison tournaments are so small that I’d sooner travel to Iowa to play at a bigger venue with more people (and people potentially GOOD at 3rd Strike). I think MysticBill and the Happy Wok Tekken/SC players would probably cancel to come… Pretty sure Kerenata and Dooku would come to play Marvel… and jswey and I would come play 3s, as long as there isn’t a milwaukee tournament.

Here’s hoping we can make the next one.

ew you play mvc3 olli? i dont see u up in ae tho! shout outs to olliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii