Newbie in a Non-Youtube Country

Hey guys, I recently moved to Shanghai from the bEast Coast of the US and as a result of my main hobbies being illegal in this country have decided to get back into fighting games. In the States I found myself playing Street Fighter Alpha 3, MvC2, and CvS, against a host of unskilled players in the boonies of the Southeast and a bunch of hoods from the crack communities in Brooklyn. As a result if I knew how to properly zone, determine pace, and not get too caught up in my own rhythm I was almost guaranteed a victory.

Having come to China, my living situation has improved and I’ve purchased my first ever arcade stick in order to train. The level of competition here is disturbingly amazing, especially with KOF. I’m being whupped by 38 year olds at older versions of KOF. As I’ve never had a mentor and have never really found rivals at the appropriate (moderately challenging) skill level, I find myself in a very difficult situation. I’ve re-purchased SFIV:AE, KOF XIII, and SFxT to give myself a wide variety of games to exercise my hand and eye coordination. However in China, youtube videos are blocked so when it comes to “Vesper’s Arcade” and several other often-mentioned learning resources; I am locked out. Does anyone know of any videos for download or ones hosted on China ISP friendly sites that I can learn from?

tl;dr I wanna learn to do more than a Hadoken on a stick. Where are there videos that I can access from China?

Thanks guys!

TOR is your friend.

I live in China as well. Get a VPN. Seriously. The great firewall sucks.

Yeah… due to some complications with the company and the landlord I’m renting from the internet situation is a little wonky… I can’t even use internet anywhere except at work, and since I’m in service industry that means very little. As a result I don’t really feel like investing in a VPN especially since I’m getting paid relative to local pay rather than getting the expat treatment. Are you in Shanghai? I’d love to meet up.

I would but I can’t connect to a relay directory. The Chinese government knows how to block shit when it really wants to. Thanks thought… If it keeps up I just MIGHT HAVE TO do as Trouble Brewing suggests and go the VPN route. Maybe I’ll also try to find some people in my area who speak english and are patient…

I’m up in Beijing actually. There is a Shanghai thread down in worldwide matchmaking though. You can probably find some peeps.

I’m not gonna teach you how to circumvent the firewall in a post on SRK even though its pretty easy and free. So I’ll give you the most convenient 2 key things that I have been using amongst many (btw skip tor you have to constantly load bridge IP’s) because they are easy and work.
Second: (and you’ll need to use google via the first or links and dl’s will be blocked)- Freegate

There’s a lot more free choices available (if you’re “computer stupid” you may want to pay for a vpn) besides those. But I have found Freegate to be the most convenient (plus firefox + autoproxy addon) over the past 6 years.

If you want to get more advanced there are other repeatable VPN trials, whatever PacketiX changed it’s name to, Mr. Zhang/Puff if those are still in operation, UltraSurf/WuJie, Gapproxy, Your Freedom, etc. etc.

anyway - If you wanna watch youtube videos go to the cheeseglobe site and click on Youtube and there ya are.

Oh and per

I serious doubt you have to worry about anything like that, unless your hobby is doing illegal narcotics in public in front of a police camera. There is virtually no law enforcement here compared to what you are used to in the USA. Cops want nothing more than to not be bothered to leave their office and put down their cards. Most of those people who look like cops in public are either security guards or cheng guan neither of whom would talk to a foreigner. Occasionally real cops roll through big city bar districts looking for peoples with no visa. If you happen to be Asian, no cop will ever talk to you about that either.

Do you guys get Twitch TV out there? A lot of livestreams out there that you can learn from. Not lessons per se, but watching people fight and hearing commentators talking about what’s risky and what’s not etc will up your game.

We get everything “out here”, provided we use a simple trick or 2 :slight_smile:
But to be more accurate, the gov doesn’t try to block twitch, no one is posting anti-comm. party videos there (yet) so you can watch streams there w/o any tricks.

Well since this thread has devolved to discussions VPN’s and Proxies, so I’ll take it elsewhere in the forums. Meanwhile I’ll still check back in hopes of someone being sagacious enough to deliver a source on some learning materials. As far as Twitch TV goes, I watch it when I can but aside from getting hype I’m not well educated enough to REALLY understand what’s going on; especially since most people play games which I have little to no experience on (Although not for long since I just re-upped my supply of games). I’ll try the regionals and see if I can meet up with people who feel like helping a brother out real time as I imagine that would be more beneficial than a youtube video anyway.

Thank you so much for all the support and effort guys.

Also: my greatest hobby in the past was large scale airsoft (simulated tanks, actual helicopters, chemsmoke, bangers, at least 100 players, high quality gear and guns). Although you can get away with LPEGS in gated communities you CANNOT get away with more than 10 people playing with high quality guns and gear and can see some serious repercussions as Airsoft guns are considered firearms in Chinese legislation. Furthermore I am not well paid enough to bribe an official nor can I lose my standign with the company I’m working for right now.

Shanghai eh? You should keep on training SF4 there, and even KOF 97/98 if you can. My friend swears the comp there is the best in the world (iirc he’s been to the States, Japan, and Singapore aside from the local comp he gets in Manila). Says the Chinese do 1-framers easy, barely drop anything, and max punish and are really good for SF4 matchup training.

It’s hard at first, but it’s like the fighting game equivalent of this.

Word, are you shanghai local? I think your Avatar was taken at NYCC iirc… The KOF here is RIDICULOUS! I have been spanked too many times by men FAR TOO OLD to even show my face at a KOF stand for awhile… I don’t know how much playing locals will help though as far as learning. The thing is I need someone to explain a LITTLE. I first started on SFIV and even though we played every night for 3 months straight I was stoned and we just talked shit at each other rather than trying to evolve our gameplay. I then went to SC for some time and one of my buddies was just a lot better than me at 3S so within a week of sitting with him (still stoned) but constantly discussing the game I had improved vastly. However this improvement is by regional standards (Fort Mill, SC does not have a competitive scene for fighters AT ALL, I reigned king in a total of like…3 counties despite not being able to do a FADC). I left a message in regional meetups, though, and am currently practicing on SFxT and KOF XIII just to get my fingers back after a 1 year complete gaming hiatus. I have no internet so I have to rely on shit AI as opponents.

I don’t have much time to hit up arcades these days aside from Mondays and Friday AM-early PM’s as I’m pretty bogged down at work and about to open several new businesses of my own these days. If things work out I should find myself near one of the better arcades so I might be able to drop by after work if my better half is feeling gracious.