New To The Marvel vs Capcom Series

Hey guys, I am a Street Fighter player and recently picked up MvC3 and to be honest… I am complete noob and can’t do anything. So what should the first thing I do be to help myself rise to glory?

Make a team. Learn the combos you will use, learn the best way to DLC between them. Learn to use each one on their own. Practice setups and strategies and training mode. And probably the most important is get experience playing other people. I don’t reccommend online ranked mode. Too much scrub tactics and rage quitters.

Learn how to block.

Missions and playing against friends help.

Also learning the basics!

Learn some basic Bnb combos once you’ve established your main posse. Find which assist help you the most. Look up some guides as well to help you out.

Pick a point character that has a teleport. Have your second character have a projectile assist, and have your last character be phoenix. You’ll be godlike.

try and get through some mission mode to get the timing down for combos, and in practice getting in with assist in training mode (and other setups). expirement with different assist options, and what move to do while u call the assist. Assists really are the main thing street fighter players forget about.

Learn Wolverine’s BnB combo.

But seriously, pick three characters you like, check out their movelists, and then just practice practice practice.

Play Deadpool. He has easy combos that really helped me learn the game.

Check your dignity at the door. You will get mad. Very mad. You may lose friends over this game.

Play Wolverine/Wesker/Akuma. One of the best teams plus you don’t really need any sort of skill or brain function to use them.

  1. Accept the fact you will get bodied. Don’t expect to go from shit to decent after 30 minutes in training mode. It will take weeks/months to get any sort of consistent winning. So yea, just be prepared to suck.

  2. Set ups are more important than combos. If you cant get the first hit then all that sweet combo practice basically means jack shit. Combos are overrated.

  3. Pick good characters. Don’t think you can just throw any 3 on the character select screen and get results.

  4. Be patient. Can’t stress this enough, you will lose a lot and very badly… for a while.

  5. Don’t come back and make a thread after 2 days of playing going “OMG I have been playing for 2 days now and I still can’t win!!! I practice combos but can’t get them to land ever in a match”

Yes you can pick 3 characters you like, that’s what I did when I started playing mvc2 and mvc3 back in the day. You can learn basics and stuff, but usually you won’t create a very good team that way. Unless you like wesker/wolverine/akuma.

But the better way to make a team is to find one char who you like their playstyle, or their “look” or style. Then build a team around that.

Like say you like X23, she does best in the second slot, so you should find a good battery to go in front, and an assist character that helps getting in, or helps with pressure. Also another thing would be for a character to have a good assist to set up her unblockable level 3 super. And then once you have an idea for a team, you fiddle with DHC’s and making better combos.

  1. Visit and make sure you have a good understanding of the game systems and the moveset of ALL characters in this game
  2. Watch this: [details=Spoiler] [media=youtube]8fMz3sHNv8Q[/media] [/details]
  3. Watch some competitive MvC3. Watch the Winter Brawl, Final Round, CEO and EVO matches on youtube and, in that order. Also watch as much Wednesday Night Fights matches as you can. This will give you a better feel of how the game works and how others are playing this game. Also look at their teams, how their team works and see which characters attract you and what team you can make with them
  4. Make you team, visit character forums and learn some b&bs from their combo threads
  5. Play and get bodied
  6. Come back and make a thread after 2 days of playing going “OMG I have been playing for 2 days now and I still can’t win!!!”
  7. Figure out why you are getting bodied
  8. Go back to step 5 until you stop getting bodied


just find three you characters you like the most. Like, when I started playing? I was instantly drawn to Mike Haggar and since then no matter how many teams switches I’ve done I’ve kept Haggar on my team. Why? I don’t look for broken factors. The man fucking piledrivers sharks out his window onto his enemies. Not to mention the pipe! Whats not to love? lol

Just pick characters you like and learn BnB. SRK Hyper Guide videos are also very top-notch helpful for getting started too, so try the stuff out in training room. Like execution and what not for certain moves, wave dashing etcetc.

Usual stuff said before, yada yada yada. Goodluck! Lol

Thanks a lot to everyone who has given me tips! I will go to the laboratory and start training till my fingers bleed!

I feel the most important things for a new player is to at least pick 1 main character that you will actually stick to. You can switch up assists until you are comfortable, but at least pick that 1 main character that you like to stick to. Have the other 2 characters ones that are meant to back up your main as best as possible. Try to learn that character in and out.

Practice is very good, but as a new player, don’t over-do practice. It’s easy to do with the mixups and combos you can come up with in practice, but the most important thing is to actually get some experience in fighting players. Learn some characters mixups, learn how OTG’s work in this game, learn how the assists work, defense is VERY different in MvC compared to SF. That can only be learned by experience. Use your advancing guard, try not to “raw tag” but instead try to DHC (or TAC while your learning) whenever possible.

You will probably get smacked up more often than not by combos you don’t know how to defend, but you need the experience to learn. Play a couple hours, then practice for a bit. Try to get at least one new concept down in training - your own mixups, a new combo, etc, and then once you have the new concept down, work on applying it to real matches. This is kind of different from SF as well, since the game is faster and your assists can get caught, some things are quite a bit harder to do during a real match.

Also, try to think of your assists as a “special move” for your character. Actually, think of them like a Shoryuken in SF. Well placed they could do great damage, but do them at the wrong time and your very vulnerable, and if you dont use them at all your giving up a big portion of your arsenal.

After that you should be comfortable enough to learn the game just as you did SF. But there is quite a bit more experimentation compared to SF, since your not just learning a single character and how assists/combos/DHC’s work. But once your past the initial point of being overwhelmed by having to master more than 1 character, the real fun starts =)

(Edit: One more thing. The recording feature in practice is invaluable. If you get faced with a mixup, combo, anything that you don’t know how to counter with your team, set up a recording and play it back and learn to defend it. There’s a lot of combinations that are completely overpowered in comparison to SF (especially if you dont know how to defend them). But if you learn to defend it properly, you can do huge damage in return. Everythings high risk-high reward, since single characters can die fast, and once you are good you can target the highest profile assets on the enemy team if you know how to counter them properly. )

So I started trying to main zero, thinking about having Doom for a my gauge builder and spencer in the last spot.

Nice, Zero is a good character to main. I’ve just switched to Zero on point for a new team I’m forming so I say good choice =)

Doom works nicely for pretty much any role, but considering Zero is a monster at building meter, don’t think of Doom as strictly meter builder. As your 2nd team member I would adapt him to fit whatever role you need most in the current matchup. Since Doom is well rounded he can exploit your enemies vulnerabilities rather than just building meter. All 3 of his assists are amazing as well, so I’m sure you will find something that works great for your team.

While I don’t play Spencer much so I don’t know how much synergy he has with Zero/Doom, he’s a good anchor (arguably to some people, but he has proven himself a number of times). But if I was to guess, he would probably be the most likely in your team to be replaced, simply because his assists are not usually considered to be as great as some of the other anchors out there. Don’t let this discourage you though - you may find some tricks with his assists that work great for you, and most of all Spencer might just fit your play style as an anchor great (like he fits Combofiend - who you should check out his vids if you are going to be playing Spencer as an anchor - this one is a classic and has some good Zero play as well :smiley: )

apart from the obvious stuff like picking characters and knowing how to block, about 75% of my initial time with the game was focused on learning how to “open up” my opponents with each character. bollocks to hit confirming, just concentrate on knowing how to mix up your mixups between high/low and left/right as much as possible and as fast as possible. some characters can do it with ease (dante) where others need you to be a bit more creative.

learn yourself some really beast combos later, at the start you will ALWAYS drop combos, so having the ability to get out 4-5+ oppertunities to score opening hits can easily make up for it at first. then when you do master your combos, you will be a force to be feared.

what this guy said.


ignore this one though :smiley:

If you haven’t yet gotten a chance to play some Marvel in your local scene, I’d suggest watching footage of good players and how they stage their offense. It helped me immensely in learning how to block Magneto rushdown on the fly, and how to move in relation to Magneto to try and hit him when he lands (I run Wesker/Dante/Haggar). Yesterday was probably only the second time I’d ever played a good Magneto, but I feel I was able to defend like someone who’d actually had experience against good Magnetos. Now all that’s left for me to do is continue developing my reactions, and to mash Lariat assist harder.