New show, first episode featuring Henry Cen, Chris G, Akuma


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And as a thank you… King of Chinatown for free here

That was pretty cool.

Thank you! I’m suprised it isnt getting more hits, or SRK hasnt picked up on it yet.

I never knew what big two looked like from the inside, so this was very interesting to me. Thank you for the video.

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I found it very “meh”. Material wasn’t anything… great… but the editing was good.
I dunno, I help run tournaments around my area, and that’s basically the story… except it seems more laid back since I’ve seen way crazier things happen during tournaments (maybe it just got recorded on a good day).

I’d actually like to see videos about some of the “shady” stuff or drama happening in the scene.
Kind of have a “behind the scenes” type deal. That was our first documentary which you can find on hulu or buy on itunes, amazon, etc. We did that the first time around and people from the FGC didnt seem to take to it. Our next episodes will get more dramatic as you get introduced to more characters.

thank you for taking your time to watch@!

Yea, I checked out your first one. It felt user unfriendly to those who were not “in the scene”, actually. But in a way, I don’t know how else you could make it more friendly.

But no doubt I’m a fan of your work. I’m staying tune for episode 2.

You saw King of Chinatown? or the gam3r pilot? I agree the pilot was a bit user unfriendly… I think we’re starting to get a rythm

Saw king of Chinatown. That was the one that felt unfriendly to view had players not been familiar with the fighting game scene.
I’ve told others about documentary, and otherwise thought the same even having not stating my opinion. But it makes sense why that is the case.

we tried to stay out of the actual game in this one… at first i was thinking it was a mistake, but your post makes me feel that shows like this can be good without actual game footage. The next one has more character buildup, so i’ll be interested in seeing how non fgc will accept it.

Thank you much for your feedback… it’s what will help us get it right, and eventually land some work on TV

Oh, for sure you don’t have to show gameplay footage to make this good.
Think the only time gameplay footage is needed is I guess filler time during long talks or just to show you’re still on topic related to gaming. I dunno, I’m not ‘suggesting’ anything since it looks like you’re doing a good job, but to not have game footage isn’t all a bad thing.

I actually liked King of Chinatown, but the pacing and focus was a bit unusual. Even though it was called the King of Chinatown, the documentary centered mostly around Triforce’s involvement with Justin, and not really on Justin himself. I think the ending of the documentary was a bit off putting, because the FGC knows that Justin never got his “revenge” or whatever on Justin, he just beat him in a team tournament. But it was interesting seeing all of the drama.

As far as Gamer goes, I think it’s a pretty interesting concept. I enjoyed watching it, and I hope you guys continue to expand future episodes to cover a variety of other scenes and personalities in the scene. The pilot episode was very interesting and covered a lot of different perspectives, but episode 1 just feels like you filmed one tournament, and that’s it.

There is absolutely no direction in this at all. You need a bit more than ‘we turned the camera on and walked around NL while Big Two was going on’. Is this about NL? Or the folks who work at NL? Both?

I mean I call NL home too but to be honest the scene is boring as fuck now so I don’t see what you can scrounge out of it. If anything just keep Akuma and Henry on camera and keep the players out of it, please.

Not entirely sure what the purpose of this episode nor the GAM3R series is, but I appreciate the behind the scenes footage nonetheless.

Might be interesting, but who the hell is going to be ok with you filming them rigging brackets?

He’s getting into the heart of the FGC baby. Shady TOs have been running tournaments since the 90s. He’s putting that exposè on NL.