New-ish to Stick, Double-Tapping Question

Hey guys, I’ve been using my Stick for about a month now. I have a quick question on when do I double-tap, I already know Plinking is used for a 1-frame link in a combo. But I don’t know when to use double-tapping.

Do I double-tap all the time doing things like Hadouken, Shoryukens or during combos or even when starting combos or doing things like normal moves alone?

I’m at the point where I’ve almost mastered the movements of the stick doing things like Hadoukens, Shoryukens, QCF+QCF moves, etc. I’m just trying to start really working on combos and this is reason I’m asking.


2-frame links.

Okay but when do I start double-tapping, I mean. Do I do it on the first hit of trying to combo or do a blockstring. Or should I also get into the habit of using it with regular normal moves, specials, Supers and Ultras?

I’m going to try and draw a picture. For simplicity’s sake, let’s say the link window is on the fourth and fifth frame of my imaginary window, like so:


Without double tapping, there are two ways you can hit the link:


Double tapping 2F after the first tap tapping expands the number of possibilities to four:


Does that help you understand how it works?

As for when to use it - pretty much time a technique calls for linking something in a 2F window (be it for a blockstring or a combo) is a fair time to try it.

[LEFT]Double tapping = you hit the button twice fast after each other. So if the first move did not come out then you double tap. That means if you missed on the first tap then the move will come out on tap number 2.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Basically you are just hitting the button twice very fast after each other. Try plinking because its more usefull than double tapping![/LEFT]