"New" BlazBlue TE missing USB plug

So I finally got the “NEW” BlazBlue TE I won on eBay and the build quality just seems worse than my SE. The shell has some glue residue and the gap between the body and the wings seems kind of big. The top of the front (right above the turbo panel) flexes. But this might be because it’s near the door for the cord. All this I can live with until I opened it up and the part of the cord that has the disconnect to the USB is missing. Here’s a picture

Is there someplace I can buy one of these cheap? I contacted the seller, but I really want to use it now.

Do you have any guitar hero or rock band wired controllers? Those ends should work.

Xbox 360 disconnect USB tails are semi-common. Some game stores carry replacement USB ends, and should run for the neighborhood of $3 to $5. You can also get them form a number of online venders.

You can also just get a cheaper used Xbox 360 pad, and take the usb end from it, if you want a usb end that badly.

Oh yeah, thanks for the Rock Band reminder. I have 2 guitars and a drum. I haven’t played them in so long I forgot. I’ll use that for now and I find one for $2 from $2.06 - Xbox 360 Wired Controller to USB Adapter Cable (20CM-Cable) - XBox 360 Accessories. I’ll just use the Rock Band one for now until that one ships (probably going to take like 2-3 weeks since they are in Hong Kong).

Hi, I have 2 of that wires from my TEs, I replaced them by neutrik, if I were in the USA I sent you that but I´m in Portugal.
And I don´t need them.:sad:

In general international shipping via “it’ll get there when it gets there” AKA a boat is actually pretty reasonably priced. Just in case the OP still needs the parts and wanted to go this avenue.

Thanks for the offer guys, but I contacted the eBay seller and he gave me the money to buy it from that website I linked. In the mean time I pulled one off my un-used Rock Band guitar.