Neogeo Stick 2: Padhack, possible button swap

This guy modded his to work on an actual Neogeo. I haven’t had an AES in a couple years (I regret ever selling it really!)

I was thinking of taking a cheap PS3/PC compatible PCB - which I have (the website says PS3 compatible but mine is a PS2 stick) - and sticking it in the spare room after pulling the button signals from the PCB in the same way this guy did. and would only use the pcb for that, completely disconnect the controller cable from the PCB in there, and that should work perfectly fine.

the other question i have, are those 24mm or 30mm buttons? i would like to replace with sanwa and i don’t care if i have to solder to the pcb.

24mm buttons, if I remember correctly.

I remember @Darksakul having done a parts swap on his Neo-Geo stick, so he’ll be able to confirm.

I think you’re right, I looked it up before and was almost positive was 24mm but didnt’ want to wait for mine to get in the mail to confirm it…

Now the next question is can I stuff a Seimitsu in there =)

They are 24mm buttons

Joystick or Buttons?

Joystick. That is much lower priority than replacing the 4 main buttons though. Did you swap yours? I’m just asking about the buttons for now. Don’t care what brand fits but will use sanwa if they do.

I used Seimitsu buttons. For the Neo Geo stick you will want to use screw-ins, Snap-ins can work but you have to mindful where the tabs are gripping.

Not my image, but take note where the tabs are located.

The two Neo Geo sticks I modded were the original AES Stick (as it needed repairs) and the Newer Neo Geo X Gold Stick (clone of the first but it used USB).
I also grabbed from a eBay seller from China who made replacement DE 15 cables for the Controller, and have the longer plugs that fit the deeper ports of Neo Geo Consoles.

This is mine.

As for the Joystick, there no good way to mount a Sanwa JLF in there.
The stock joystick’s mount plate and gate is one and the same part.

Thanks bro @Darksakul ! I never would have thought to use screw ins.

Its because the way the Neo Geo stick is there no even, flat surface

Makes sense. OK, excellent. I’m off to find 4 buttons for it then. Looks from the pics like you can at least undo the balltop and replace it with a new one?

Yep, that I can confirm.
You can also replace the switches for the joystick.

Ooh, good to know. I will find some extra Omrons around if they are normal form factor (not necessarily these 50g ones but ones of this style)

yeah, 24mm screw type buttons and freshen up the spring, grease and switches on the stick. You can even buy a octogate from james at jammanationx
its in the “JNX – Original Products” section

James of Jammanationx is one of the few people I trust to make a product like that.
He fewer still one of the few people not active on SRK and sells arcade products that I find trust worthy like that.