Need your opinion on a tournament issue

Just tell them that it’s down to player preference and that they find the lines and stuff useful for spacing in high level play.

On PS3 there are a few stages that absolutely will lag offline. The Diner stage is the worst of the bunch. It will lag from the moment the match starts until the moment you’re back on the character select screen. Even the winposes lag at the Diner.

I think it’s retarded that only the training stage is used in tournaments. Man up or be a scrub…

What the fuck does picking a different stage have anything to do with being a man or a scrub?

…I agree but there is something about the movement in the stage backgrounds that causes frame skipping and increased latency. It is overwhelmingly obvious in SFxT.

It is harder for me to notice in SF4 now because to me the game is basically unplayable all the time. I was convinced that it was happening during the time that I was tolerating online SF4.

The spectators in Endless lobbies also cause lag spikes.

Trainingstage is the stage whit the less number of distractions. I can understand why you pick it in a finnal in that context. If the vieiwers are looking at the backround of the stage instead of what’s going on in the foreground something is terrible wrong thue.

Good question, thoughts anyone?

stage shouldnt matter in terms of interest unless its like injustice with interactables

Yes, it runs better in it’s native 480 as opposed to 720 or 1080.

If you use any stage other than the training stage your tournament is a joke.


Really? Good shit

I can understand if a certain stage is being avoided or even banned due to excessive framedropping, but the almost all stages in SSFIV are just fine. It’s absurd that people almost exclusively play on the training stage, as if there are no other stages to choose from that run equally as good, though i can understand if you’ve traveled hundreds or even thousands of kilometers and want to minimize random intervention as much as possible even in the smallest possible way…even if it’s just phsycological.

Personally i think it’s bullshit as the stages have no infuence on the gameplay at all, but i’m not opposed to it if people want to pick a certain stage either.
Somehow it’s an issue in SF yet in other fighting games it’s mostly a non issue but whatever.

Some players, like Daigo, insist on the training stage fro tourney matches. I say, don’t use the training stage exclusively, but if a player feels he needs it, you can’t ban it just because your sponsor said so.

Has there been any tests to show framerate loss per stage? I’d be interested to see the findings if there were.

I’m tired of seeing training stage. I understand the reasons people pick it but it’s kind of lame that it’s the only stage I see in online matches, stream matches, and when I got to train.

And that stage music. I would change it to character themes, but then I’ll just hear ken and ryu theme all day, haha. Lose either way.

Training stage is godlike, never gets old TO ME.
The music, no distractions, no input lag, spacing, theirs a lot to like about training stage.

You don’t need a stopwatch or a high-framerate camera to test it. Put AE in a PS3, pick your characters (any of them), and go to the diner. Try playing a match (offline) and you will be able to visibly see that it is completely unplayable. When I say completely, I mean, there’s about 20 frames of delay on everything. Walking, jumping, buttons, knockdown, wakeup, EVERYTHING.

drive in is even worse in arcade than on ps3.

Some of the stages lag but its just the fps dropping due to the rendering by the graphics card its not network lag.

I pick training stage because I want to concentrate on the characters not the backgrounds.

…how is that influenced by playing online (why is it worse during an online match)?

Guess I’ll have to check that out. Does it occur on xbox as well?