Need help punishing Abel's Wheel kick

I’m having the hardest time punishing Abel’s Wheel kick. What I’ve been doing is blocking the wheel kick and then hitting him with s.fierce. To me this isn’t a fair trade, b/c i’m still getting chip damage before I do my attack. I’m sure there is a much better way to punish a wheel kick. (sorry if this has already been on this discussion board.)

any advice as what to do with and with out a charge would be greatly appreciated. Mahalo.

IF you are super close to him, you can jab him out of it, but then again, most abels wont be doing wheel kicks from point blank. Therefore my favorite way to punish is EX-Headbutt and ultra if i have it.

You can also do an ultra it/super.


When i Ex-HB i mean do it to knock him out of wheelkick, not sure if it works after block.

It won’t knock him after block due to fast enough recovery, though you can blow Abel wide open during his wheel kick with a headbutt if you see it coming and have charge - I’m pretty sure you can TAP through the initial hit as well which should connect with timing though that’s far less viable and more risky.

what i usually do is standing far jab xx ex.dash upper or reaction ultra/super

you just block it. what does he do against your dashes? he just blocks them.

it’s really not something to worry about against abel. i just block it and move on. now if you want to talk about something, talk about what to do against blockstun mixups into tornado throws. stupid wakeup -_-

I’d have to go into training mode to verify when, but you can punish a wheel kick with a crouching Fierce punch. I’ve done it on a couple of occasions.

I have been trying out TAP it’s been working out pretty good for me. Tap to jab xx straight