Need help! Hd remix Shoto related

Wassup SRK :wgrin:… I was wondering if you guys can help with the shoto chars primarily in hd remix…I want to know how to do the short arc tatsumakisenpuukyaku…I’ve done it on numerous occasions, but it’s been totally by mistake…I’ve seen wes truelson doin it at will in some vids…I believe its an excellent tool and would like to add it to my gameplay, I just cant seem to get the timing right…please help…thanks in advance

HDR has its own subforum. For future reference, topics about it should be created in there. Scroll about halfway down the main forums page and you will see a link to it. It’s called “Super Street Fighter II HD Remix” under the Strategy Zone heading. That, or just use this link:
Often, you’ll notice that an applicable thread already exists, in which case you can ask your quesiton in that thread, rather than creating a new one.

To answer your question, just go into training mode and experiment with it for a little while. An explanation will do you so little good, whereas trying it out and playing around and feeling it out for yourself will help you completely understand how the air hurricane works. The arc produced depends on the timing with which you activate the move during the (regular) jump. Note that Ryu and Ken’s air hurricanes behave slightly differently from one another.

As far as I’ve found, there’s no trick to it. You can’t do qcb, uf+k etc. You just have to be really fast and on point. You can try it like a reverse chicken wing, but you’ll probably have more success with just uf/ub then quickly qcb+k. Once again, no trick or shortcut to it afaik.

Thanks guys…much appreciate it…

Juice Kicking is just all about feel. You have to practice it and figure it out for yourself as it’s just too funky a tech to explain.