NEC MvC2 Results

Tournament isn’t finished yet, but I’ll go ahead and give you the results.

1st. Justin “Let Your Wang Hang Out” Wang
2nd or 3rd? no close but one of them is Alex “Littlefoot” Garvin.

GG Singles Results
1st. Flash
2nd. Garvin

GG Teams Results
1st. Team Frisky: Flash, Marneto, Garvin

The bulk of the Marvel excitement was from mm’s.

Best probably being Brandon vs Sanford.
Sanford was up 6-2, and Brandon came back with some gdlk guardcancel attacks to take 10-8.

Justin vs Sanford 10-4
Justin vs Brandon 10-1
Brandon vs Nelson 10-8
Justin vs Bryheem 10-1
Josh180 “Perfect Triangle” vs JCPaddles 10-9, 5-2 on runback.
Bryheem vs Desmond “Omni” Pinkney, 3-2
Josh Wigfall vs Bryheem Keyes, 2-3 or 3-4.

No clue on any other money matches cause they probably didn’t matter.

D Hyo thats some crazy shit man. props up.


vids of mm please…esp d hyo and sanford

3s results

j wong

good shit

-according to henaki and comeback


that D Hyo vs Nelson match was some good shit! Real close battle!

:confused: What happened to The Vortex? :confused:

wait…who won 3s?



a kaillera player from montreal

Fanatiq Jr. you need to start getting money matches approved through me whether he can do em or not, cuz I’m not gonna have you keep losing and ruining My name.

Get at me on PM next time you wanna play someone.

Props to henry AKA CHIRITHY. MTLSF

wow, good shit to him then.

he must have one helluva chun li no doubt

MM’s were GDLK. That’s where all of the hype was the entire weekend. Also correction on bryheem vs Justin, Bryheem only played justin 5 games, so the score was 5-1.

Omg, Bryheem vs Wigfall was so FUNNY! Venom FANG FTW! I wish stuff like that was recorded because that only happens at NEC i swear lol!

P.S. Blaze, I told u my cammy was the TRUTH. She ain’t an assassin 4 nothing! Everyone felt her wrath at NEC.

That nigga bryheem’s venom was on some shit lol.

It was good seeing old faces this weekend. I wish I coulda sticked around but I wasn’t missing that last bus.

I see your one of those niggas who has to learn things the hard way. You’ll run into me sooner or later you fucking coward.

Why you gotta call me names? There is nothing cowardly about me… to what are you referring?

I’m not positive Nelson Jr., but I think what josh is referring to by saying fucking coward is that you’re a “fucking pussy” or"punk bitch."

Hope that helps Nelson Jr. Lates.

And good shit to people selling spots like a failing biotech stock on nasdaq. EC. The end.

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my son, did you go to nec?