Nash Video Thread

I’m not the best player, but I played vs a pro Smite player yesterday.
I noticed he had “TV” in his tag and decided to check if he was on twitch.
Turned out he was pretty salty.

Lol, that was actually quite funny :smiley:

lol glad you enjoyed it

Remember tho, you won only because you played like a bitch and anyone can do that. Had you played like for example Infiltration, you would have been destroyed :wink:

Watching this match just shows how far ahead of everyone else Infiltration is.
It’s almost sickening to watch how fluid he is.

The traditional advice given in sf to boob’s is “never jump”. To play like infiltration you must never walk. Such great use of dashes and command normals, it’s like he’s playing a different character.

I’m still convinced that Infiltration’s Nash has Laura’s V-Skill.
That’s the only possible way he can be that smooth with his movement.
I suppose the other answer is “Git gd” but I don’t want to hear that.

Cool little video of Nash doing his thang. That Rashid reset at 0:30 tho.

Edit: Wrong thread.

JaycTheAce vs Nuckledu

Best compliment I’ve ever received as a street fighter player.

Good Afternoon SRK,

I am a Karin main who has been learning and playing Nash as a backup character, and there were two ranked matches/sets that I lost last night that left me feeling very frustrated and very confused.

Here is the first set, against a Ryu player:

With Nash, it appears I sometimes struggle against players who seem to not give any type of response to Sonic Booms, and at times in this match, it felt like that is exactly what happened. How do you play against an opponent who is content to just stay on the opposite side of the screen and not attempt to jump forward or evade Sonic Booms?

Here is the second set, against a Fang player:

I suppose you can say that I’m not entirely sure how to approach the Fang matchup, or what am I supposed to do when he starts his close range pressure.

In general, how do you play against players who you want to keep away, yet…Seem to be content with being kept away, because it also means that you also can not get in to do damage?

Thank you to anyone who may be able to help!

i don’t know the FANG matchup well (ran into my first fang yesterday online) but the Ryu match up isn’t too difficult. stay your distance where you can poke/counter poke and AA. as for booms, chase your hp SB with dashes and Moonsaults if he’s just parrying from far away. you can also do his old trick of waiting just before hp. SB hits and VT behind them, etc. mix it up also and learn to use booms in footsie range. every now and then, dash in from poke range to throw if he’s being too defensive. also, use his overhead in block strings more and use cr. lk, cr. lp xx lk. SS to open him up.

i’m not a pro or anything but i know these character boards can get pretty dead so try out my advice but i’m sure there are way better players here who know exactly what to do.

Thank you for taking the time to try to help me and give me some advice pootnannies! I have taken your advice to heart, and I have been trying to go for my dash in, throw attempts and V-Trigger Sonic Boom mixups. Sometimes I can be hesitant to go for a dash in throws, as I have a tendency to grow very frustrated if an already very defensive opponent seems to be countering those.

Here is something minor that popped into my head over the weekend that could not just apply to Nash, but to any character in any fighting game: Sometimes, I can grow frustrated if my attacks are continuously blocked, and it can make me less willing to attack, as I fear that the attack could just get blocked. However, I remembered that it can be important to make your opponent block an attack, as the push back that it creates can both guard your space and push your opponent outside of a zone or space that he or she wants to occupy.

That being said, here are a couple of more recent videos of my Nash:

Vs. Birdie:

Vs. Ryu:

Vs, Zangief:

Vs. Balrog:

yes, keep the pressure of them blocking but not just to move them a little but also to build up gray health. if they make a mistake, a jab from you could do as much damage as a throw or st.hp.

i only watched the vs Ryu vid so far. you’re doing a good job anti-airing and using a reset during your combos. the part that i see you struggle with is jumping in too much. that distance where you feel like you should jump is exactly when you shouldn’t. use f.hp and more from those ranges. also use mk SS from max range because most characters can’t punish it from there. that will help close the gap and keep pressure without risking a jump. the Ryu player dp’d you almost every time you jumped from that range.
once you start using mk.SS and your command normals from that jump range, he’ll start to expect those and will not expect dash up throw. then you can maybe throw a jump and he might not react in time because he’s expecting ground stuff, but keep it minimal with the jumps from that particular range.

i hope you continue to get better and better!

Thank you again for your help, and for your encouragement! I have been working towards trying to implement your advice into my game. I want to try to use Backfist and medium Sonic Scythe more. However, since the patch, I am nervous about throwing out Sonic Scythe, as it is much more punishable and I am not yet fully aware of what new things it can be punished by. I can also sometimes be hesitant to throw out Backfist, as I am nervous about it being jumped over. Would you say that I would have to learn the proper time to use each move to prevent things like that (someone jumping over and punishing my Backfist or Sonic Scythe) from happening?

well i would say to learn how to use all his command normals just so you’re comfortable using them, even if rarely. Nash needs everything he has so learning the timing and spacing of all moves is important.

it does happen from time to time that your opponent will jump over your f.hp but it doesn’t usually end up in a crossup and somewhat reset things but you’ll be on the opposite side and very close. it takes risk but it keeps them guessing and not always expecting a boom or bazooka knee and it can get you a CC. from there you can EX TA if you need health or hp TA if you need meter. as for medium SS, from my experience, it’s character dependent but i wouldn’t throw it out at Rog if he had meter or if any character has super. also, just being patient and neutral jump. neutral jump grab is really good at stopping crossups or going air to air with anybody. don’t be afraid to experiment either. max range Moonsault or even just short of hitting for gimmicks. also forgot to mention as it actually has it’s uses.

like i mentioned before i’m no pro so there’s probably better advice. i watch Bonchan vids on youtube to learn how to deal with certain things. he’s like one of the few pro players that stayed with Nash after S2 dropped a fat turd on the character. from what i’ve seen in your videos it seems you are creative enough to eventually discover the answers you’re seeking so hang in there and if the whole ranked points thing bothers you, just let it go to shit and keep experimenting. eventually you’ll learn all spacing options, meaties and setups where you’ll easily climb back up the ladder.

video of Bonchan giving a Nash tutorial. unfortunately it’s entirely in Japanese so i can’t understand a thing.