Naruto to Boruto Shinobi Striker is the most innovative ninja fighting game ever! EVO candidate!

Jokes on you for reading her nonsense, just point and laugh at her.

well blame the trolls that derailed the thread and got me triggered with the sexism and discrimination subject that goes on in the industry and world at large.

lesser numbers as a form of hatred from males? it’s not just hatred from them, but also jealousy (especially from those that complain whenever a female character takes a lead role, is beautiful, kicks ass, get positive attention), as well as self reassurance narcissistic issues among males that want females left out of gaming.

and the race issue is a different subject. even if you were to relate the two between both females and blacks getting little to no representation in lead roles and playable selection as a whole, there are obviously blacks that see Harada as racist, as well as any developer that does little to nothing for black representation.

just because you let it slide, doesn’t mean other blacks aren’t offended by what developers don’t do for their demographics.

it similiar with the female demographics, there are females that let developers get away with the fanatical obsession of only glorifying males and only placing male in lead role, with no female alternative, but there are those of us that had enough with the bias and inconsiderate attitude towards the female demographic, and not going to purchase nor respect games that don’t include their own demographic in the playable lead role, story and gameplay aspects as a whole.

even if people don’t hear about it here, the subject is always gonna be present
and it always matters to people that want their demographic represented as much as whatever demographic a developer currently favors.

Who the fuck is complaining when a female is in the lead role

Bitch just shut up already

Assffinity should know by now that people are more willing to look at their own shit before flushing than reading anyone of her stupid posts.

Are you trying to come up with the most retarded post ever ? If this is an accident, then I congratulate you.

You’re new here aren’t you?

He clearly is, this is also probably his first Assffinity thread :rofl:

I know right!

Not a fan.

Of Both that “game” and of Affinity.

Where’s Boruto?

How would a game like this even work in a tournament setting? LAN?

Good job Will

Fuck you Affinity

I now take my leave, never to set foot in FG discussion again!

swipes cape and disappears

are you trying to get the most dislikes in srk history?
you have…2,000 disagrees on your profile, and counting.

you know this thread wasnt a good idea. there is no reason for it.
why not take a break from srk and cool down?
discussions arent about arguments or agreements, its just a forum for personal opinions, ideas, and some info dropping.
you insist on making points that you know are gonna be unpolpular here, which is fine because this isnt about being popular,
but at the same time…after so many argue posts from you in the past year…people are hitting the disagree button on you regardless of what you write.
because you rub folks the wrong way this whole year. nd its turned into a self proclaimed war between you and everyone else.
its like you are po pimpus when he was rubbing folks wrong with his “its me vs the world” insistence of his stances.

just chill girl. take 6 months off. hang out with friends. socialize. then come back here refreshed. and not so…at war with everyone.
youre entitled to your opinion like everyone else and theres gonna be unpopular opinions stated by everyone at some point but shit girl, you must chillax with the “me vs yall” attitude.
its not what you say…its how you say it…its that you insist on your stances to the point your imposing yourself…like when po went bonkers with his “i insist to the point im imposing myself” harping till he got a much needed ban and calmed down.

down gf.

i dont dislike you or devalue your opinion at all. but you gots to chill already. its tired already.

I can’t wait for this game. Good job TC !

This game is hot garbage just like any and all other big license anime games. They don’t even have to try because it’s naruto and niggas like yourself who eat literal shit are going to eat this… literal shit up. “Innovative” and “Fighting Game”. Ha, kill yourself.

The only thing I’ll lose sleep trying to figure out is whether this bitch is for real (and possibly with high functioning autism), or if she has created Affinity as an alt account and has been trolling for TEN YEARS. If it’s the latter, I’m impressed at the dedication.

here are some basic combos, the full version can have more combos and styles

a recent video, guess as other Bandai Namco games are launched and out of the way, they can gradually begin to promote Shinobi Striker :slight_smile:

  • Claims game as ‘most innovative fighting game’

  • Then shows an 11 minute video of character cosplay and a 10 minute video of button mashing capture the flag.

This has been THE INVINCIBLE SWORDSMAN saying:


approx. 500,000 Loadout Combinations, 7.5 Million Player Character Combinations

it is surpassing both Xenoverse games human customization combined!
well I haven’t counted all races, but even from just Xenoverse human standpoint, NTB Shinobi Striker is raising the customization standards and revolutionizing things in amazing ways!!

ya’ll may laugh now, but it’s the calm before the glorious storm. so with my ultimate evaluation skills,
I already know Naruto to Boruto Shinobi Striker will be GOTY to me and those that agree.