Name Change Thread

Hello Preppy. Can you change my username to “Yuri_AcTN”?

Done. :tup:

Preppy can you pls change my name to “Dime”

Done. :tup:

Could I get a name change to x64?

Done. :tup:

Thank you good sir!

Trying to upgrade from a lurker to a real boy.

Preppy if you could change my name to “GetTheTables” I’d appreciate it. Thanks!

Done. :tup:

May I humbly ask for a namechange to Cathrao? I haven’t used my old username in years.

Many thanks in advance for the slight data rearrangement (if fulfilled)! :bee:

And still one more thanks because you’re awesome, good sir.

done :tup:

Can you change mine to Rounin please

aaaand you are now rounin

So wait… one minute for a dumb question for a new-comer. I could potentially change my user name here? Right? Or why is the thread so popular? :smiley: haha

Could I get a change to ‘Nobus3r1’? The space and the ‘ver. 2.0’ where done because the e-mail system bugged when I originally registered. Thanks.


Yeah, I’ve been giving people one-time name changes. The original post in this thread is from a different era.

Eh… I’d like MALICE if it hasn’t been taken. If it is, VENOM is the second choice.

Unsurprisingly, both are taken. :sad:

To check quickly, just enter:

Is the one-time name change thing still going? I would like to go by ES_Curse, if possible. I’ve been using that name for tournaments.

Could you change mine to MrSujano please?