Name Change Thread v2

SRK has been around for a long time and has a great history. People change over the years, and if that username from years ago (DSPFan01) is no longer who you are, we can work with that! Post up the new username you would like and if it’s free you’ll see your name automatically changed.

Name changes are generally one time things, but we’d prefer to do a name change than for people to need to create a new account and lose their account history.

May I get my username changed from “Oniros” to “Jotamide” (without the quotes) please?

Done: you’re updated.

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Hello. I wouldn’t normally ask for a name change, but my current user name has changed. It was Enk!ndu, but now the ! has been replaced with a _. I would like to change it to Enkindu if possible. It was my previous name. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Updated. :+1:

Pardon my newbie status.
Is there a way to edit my bio?

Go to

I believe.

Hey, is it possible to change to striderhibiki?

Thanks in advance!

Yes, yes it is. Done. :+1:

Not sure if requests are still being accepted, but I would love to have my username changed to “ScytheLxrd”. I appreciate your thought of doing this for people.

Yeah, we still do that. Can I confirm that you would like it to be “ScytheLxrd”? Once you do, I’ll change it.

Yes, I confirm. Thank you so much!

Updated. :+1:

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Can I please get my name changed to AssassinLoki?

++ @d3v who should probably subscribe to this user maintenance thread if he isn’t already


Can I have my name changed to CharlieInTheTrees? Thanks in advance!

If I could have my username changed from “Shadowfire” to “SF” (or “SFtheWolf” if that’s too short/taken) I would really appreciate it!

Hey @Preppy, is there any chance I can have this account renamed from “Grimm_Demize” to “DrooMighty”?

I gave up admin rights and am now delightfully powerless, so can’t help anyone. @d3v - might be a good plan to close this thread and open up a new one. That would avoid confusion like this. :slight_smile: