Namco PSX stick

selling a namco psx stick 58 shipped. works perfectly. I bought it on here recently, but need the cash asap. have pictures that I will send on request (through e-mail) paypal only please.

Lowered price:
50 shippped. :wgrin:

Pics? Info? Size? Anything?

PM me for e-mail - I am very interested in seeing pics. If in good quality, I will considering purchasing.

still for sale… pics here:

stick works perfectly, spring is still like new. Slight blemishes and marks on the metal, #2 engraved on top left corner, does not affect function.

50 shipped isnt that bad considering new ones can go as far as 100$ (-shipping) and more on ebay

photobucket dont work for me… any other program i may get it from you…

I’ll take it! PM me ur address if you take money orders! If not I can’t lol

sale pending.

guy backed out, still for sale.

Sorry for the back-out

Sorry about backing out on the payment. Paul was ordering the stick on my behalf, but I ran out of money after christmas shopping, asked to back out, got some cash, and found a good sanwa. Don’t give the bad rep to Paul Lee. Sorry again:sweat:

Now I feel good about buying one mint in box with all orig packing for $35 shipped.

Wow… this is still here? Im suprised. Everyone must be broke this close to xmas or something? Looks like a damn good deal to me.

Hi. I am interested, it is for a friend.

sent u a pm goku. its cool about backing about, just trying to get rid of this before xmas. If I dont sell it before then, I will try ebay. Just need money fast and trying to give someone on SRK a good deal.

bump no one has taken this yet. will put on ebay soon if no one is interested.

INTERESTED!!!1! Pm sent

SOLD! :wgrin: