My girlfriend wants me to teach her SF...where do I start?

ok so my girlfriend wants me to teach her how to play fighting games (mainly SSF4) She wants to learn Chun Li(of course) but this is the first SF she’s ever played and wants to get at a decent level.

Now I’ve taught people how to play ST/HDR, Tekken, etc. but all of them had at least some basic fundamentals of the game down. This is the first time I’ll be attempting to teach anyone from scratch and I don’t even know where to begin.

start with showing her basic shit like movements and motions. just make sure she has the execution down. watch vesperarcade tutorials. ill be honest, they can teach anybody who has never seen a fighting game before to be someone who can beat online scrubs. i’ve showed a bunch of people his tutorials and they found it to be much easier. but try not to get too heavy right away, like showing her all these crazy combos or whatever. and if she wants to learn chun, teach her how to piano that shit!

make sure she gets down special move motions. like QCF, SRK, charge. then see if she can do 1 in 2’s after that.

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Lol, what up Isaac? Is this a FL thing? My girl wants me to teach her some basics, and also with Chun-Li no less. WTF? Anyhow, I think the best bet would be to walk her through the trials. Start at 1, walk her through the motions, until she can do it 5 times or so in a row without fail. Move on to #2. Rinse and repeat. Might not be the best method, but it’s def a start. Coming to Jebailey’s tournament on Saturday? :slight_smile:

Bring your girlfriends to my tournament Saturday too. I’ll teach em a thing or 2 you guys can’t ;).


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Ask her to convince you that she really wants to learn. It’s a lot of work to learn something like this from scratch.

My GF had said the same thing but then she never wanted to put in the time. I basically just ended up wasting my time.

yeah you definitely need to make sure she’s motivated

That trial idea sounds really good! Getting her new a ranked account could really help. You can coach her about her matches.

My boyfriend wanted to learn Vega. I just taught him how to do his specials and let him shit around in training mode while I did other things. He liked MvC2 better cuz I wasn’t very good at it and it’s more friendly for mashers. :stuck_out_tongue:

You could also try to tell her what Chun’s normals are good for. St. MP is her best poke. Sweep is good for beginners, but it’s a tool you have to learn not to abuse through punishment. St. MK is her most versatile anti-air. Cr. MP will duck under jumpins in a pinch. Aim jump HK for the shoulders or shins, depending on distance. Jump MK has the most range, aim for the torso. Jump HPx2 is the strongest. Her speed and grab range make her good up close, and Cr. Jab is great for altering your rhythm for tic throws.

Edit: When I first learned Chun Li, I had a LOOOOOOOOT of fun learning Chun’s Jump HPx2 > Cr. HP xx MK SBK. I probably did it for 2 hours or more. It’s a really satisfying combo and will help her get some wins from 0 BP guys online for sure. She should throw after it. ;3

just tell her to keep pressing x. or make her choose ryu or ken and then make her put her shirt over the controller and button mash :smiley:

If she wants to learn street fighter, you are going to have to start with the DP. Now it might not be the easiest thing to convince her to do, but just invite a friend over and spend some time letting her get into position. Some people think that the best way to perform a DP is to just force it, ramming their stick to and fro, but honestly, I have found a nice smooth glide to be the best way to perform this maneuver. She might be a little uncomfortable playing in a room with two sticks, but just be patient and don’t scare her, and then you can start inviting other friends over to play with your girlfriend. I’d make sure that your friends understand that they can’t play with her when you aren’t around, because that would be cheating!

@Anakron/GoogleMyName, lol :stuck_out_tongue:
have her practice her specials & do the trials.


I hate when people ask you to teach them how to play the game but they don’t wanna put the time in it. My gf went through the same thing as Kelter Skelter’s and when they do that it feels like a waste of time. If she wants to learn, just put her up in a couple of sessions via xbl/psn and watch her emotions. After about 10 or so fights, see if she still wants to learn or is even interested or her attitude as a whole about SSFIV still.

It’s not like 10 matches will give you a accurate estimate, but after about losing 7 consecutive matches, my gf cracked. She couldn’t win a single round and I even gave her tips but they seem to disregard that and go back to their default gameplan.

If your GF really wants to learn, she won’t let the little stuff bother her. She would want to try and figure out why she’s losing and why they’re winning. If she doesn’t have the passion to learn, it’s not going to happen. It’s cruel if you say it like that to her but it’s 100% true. Easing a person into SF has never really worked. They either rise above the scrub attitude or they don’t. Plain and simple.

Hope I didn’t sound too abrupt, but that’s what it is.

Idk but above all else try to have fun with it. Even if she doesn’t learn anything at least you didn’t do something you’ll regret.

teach her this…
fireball -> c.HK / HCB + K
Jump HK -> C.HK
tick throw
ex SBK

that’s all she needs to learn as a complete noob… if she can do all the above in an actual match and OBVIOUSLY you’re gonna lose to her from time to time… to give her encouragement… once she gets a hang of those stuff… and she actually LIKES playing… then you can slowly add stuff like Focus attack, more combos, more defensive options, more anti-air, air throws, etc… but honestly i’ll be surprised if she’s even willing to learn all the above that i listed.