MvC1, MSHvSF, XvSF CPS2 B Boards - Fresh Batteries Installed! Big Price Drop!

Just swapped the batteries on these. All tested:

MvC1 JP #1 - nice condition - $65
MvC1 JP #2 - has a large chip in the plastic on the top/back of the case, but otherwise nice - $60
XvSF JP - nice condition - $65
MSHvSF US - nice condition - $65 - Add $10 for a decent looking original factory marquee!

Shipping: USA is $15 for first board, +$5 for each additional board.


Dropped price a bit :smiley:

Getting married in 3 months. I would be on this like a fat kid on cake otherwise. Free bump sir.

Added more games & dropped price on MSHvSF :smiley:

Are these still available?

Nope, the ones in the photos are all sold, but I have some other games now. I’ll try to put together a list with photos in the next few days.

I’m looking for vampire savior 2 or 3 and cps3 system and games, any help