Mortal Mondays- A Community Project

Mortal Monday is a community project thought up by Take2Chance and with the help of a few people, the project has finally come to fruition. This is basically a “pay-per-view” type of event similar to MMA or boxing. Every card will have a number of players with varying degrees of experience and everyone is free to sign up and participate. So far it is a biweekly event and I encourage every one interested in Mortal Kombat to at least sign up. We even have some big names in the MK community participating, THTB v. 16Bit in our first event, and others signed up for future ones.

For the people who aren’t players of the game, but want to watch some entertaining fights and interviews of our community then please watch. We have gotten a lot of praise so far from the few places we have posted this project and we would love for every fighting game enthusiast to support us, even if you aren’t the biggest MK fan.

Event 1 has been completed and released yesterday. The event is 2 hours long broken into separate videos but all compiled into one easy to navigate playlist. Please support us by just watching, participating or even spreading the news to any other MK players or FG players in general. Thanks!

Good luck.