Mortal Combat II ONLINE for PS3 out April 12th!

This was already posted under the matchmaking forum by DragonSama so full props to him.

Just figured I’d give you guys the heads up and to get some matches going! It’s only $5.99 USD and comes with the full game as well as ONLINE MULTIPLAYER support, which is a big deal?

Matchmaking Thread:

EDIT: wow… I just realized that I threw in “Combat” instead of “Kombat”… lame.

MKII: Great game or greatest game? I’d totally be playing that if I had the money to waste on a PS3.

Lag reminds me of Kaillera so far.

UMK3 is on XBL. That’s still news compared to this.

I got a PS3 so I guess I am looking foward to this.

i would love to get back into the game ill have to check it out :slight_smile:

I played all night and it was a blast. The lag actually seemed to improve with other players, or maybe it’s because they lived closer to me. Too bad there’s no ping meter but it’s no big deal.

It surprises me that RFOM has virtually no lag while MKII for PS3 is not perfect online.

ewa, what are your opinions of the UMK3 online play? worth picking up?
or laggy as hell?
better than the best kaillera?
sorry to go OT lol.

The average XBLA connection is about equal to Excellent on Kaillera, which is very playable. I get a lot of games that are basically equal to LAN, and that’s not because they are in the same state as me, for example Konqrr lives in Utah and I live in NJ. We have flawless, lagless netplay everytime we play 1 on 1, and most of the time with multiple people, however, I usually get about Kaillera “Good” quality connection level to anyone else if I’m in a game with him, even if they live on the East Coast. In order to benefit from LAN on Kaillera you need to both have less than 30ms to a server. On top of that, there is always someone to play 24-7 even now so many months after release. The competitive scene is getting better. If you decide to pick it up, join and get the heads up from the community we’ve been building.

Side note, is that Denise Milani as your av?

Whenever I used to go on Live with UMK3 barely anyone was on. :frowning:

ive got it and it plays well online

but damn I pretty much forgot how to play this.

It’s crazy that after over 10 years, I’m still able to remember 90% of the moves and fatalities.

It’s impossible for me to not have a game ready to go with people any time I go on, and I’m on pretty late.

Anyone having this problem where the game loses connection during the Kombat Tomb stage online?

welcome home brother.