Man sets another man's balls on fire after catching him sleeping with his girl

Noel ain’t got nothing on this cat from Chicago.

Dude must have been singing Jerry Lee Lewis when this happened.

that boyfriend is really hot-headed

He should get that burning sensation checked out, it might be an STD.

flame on!

404 not found? Also calling bull because Bic lighters don’t have fire settings. Right?

Talk about getting burned during sex . .

Brings whole new meaning to the term “Armor up.”


Working link from other sites.

*Ah, I love the holiday season

Jokes aside it must have been quite the shock for the guy to wake up and find out his nuts was on fire. How do you even recover from something like that?*

it gets worse in other countries. crimes against sancho types in south america take on lesser charges and that is only when arrests get made to begin with

I never got the point of hurting someone for sleeping with their significant other. That person has no obligation towards you at all. He should have burned her pussy lips, she is the one that fucked up unless he went back to her then he is the one that severely fucked up

Aside from burning her pussy lips i agree with the above. The one he should be pissed at is the stupid girl friend who cheated on him.

Fuck that, you stick it in another man’s girl, you gotta expect to be burned.

no evidence in these articles that he knew she was another man’s girl… which is why she is at fault for sure, while the guy may or may not be

He didn’t really say the guy shouldn’t expect an ass whoopin (If he knew she had a man). He said the one who should really be gotten got is the woman. Totally different.

I imagine the entire event sounded something like this.

It just gets more and more awkward as you go.

Why burn something you still might have use for?

. . . :mad:

His nuts roasting over an open fire…

Shit I was late.