Madcatz TE2+ randomly stops working

Sorry if I missed some other thread to throw this question in, but my not even month old TE2+ has twice randomly stopped responding mid match. With EVO next week I’m a bit nervous of this happening during my matches. Does anyone know of some reason this is happening? Is there something I can do to fix this or am I SOL and have to return it?

Guess mine was 1 in a million then no one else ever had this problem. Oh well contacted amazon they sent a replacement but that one came DOA. So… guess madcatz is out as a good company now

my best guess is that your USB wires are not very well soldered…

try opening the PCBShell and leave the joystick doing left or right in practice mode while you move slowly the USB wires.

Then come back here and post your results (?)

Also F**k madcatz

I tested holding directions and moving the usb wires and nothing happened. I have no idea how to recreate the random disconnect.

Get a multimeter and test the cable

k, can you point me in the direction of where or which to get I am kind of a noob when it comes to troubleshooting this stuff.

Also, here’s a video of the malfunction happening just a moment ago.

Does it work and register the stick and buttons on your PC?

I mean the only game I play on PC is KI, and for the limited time I spent playing with this stick on the PC i haven’t seen it do this, but it’s just so random like today I was just practicing various things in Revelator on PS4 and it happened. Unless you mean does it register in general then yeah it does.

Well you said your first stick had problems so you returned it then your second stick is DOA meaning it doesn’t work at all, so is this your 3rd stick having problems too? Also does it register as in have you tested it to see if it’s the stick or your PS4, or it’s USB ports etc.

This is the first stick. Amazon sent a replacement before I sent back the original. The replacement they sent was fubar and so I called them up they gave me a refund and asked for one of the sticks and gave me one. So basically Amazon gave me a stick for free.

I doubt it’s the PS4 at all cause I have the Chun li TE2 that i’ve been using mainly while this has been going on, and it’s never done this. Also, I use this ps4 at my arcade’s ranbats and no one has ever had this happen to their stick.

from the point of your video… if you disconnect and reconnect the USB cable to the PS4… does it work perfectly again?

it seems like a timeout issue LOL

In that case, just buy an EZ Mod for the TE2+ and Brook UFB :slight_smile:

Yeah from what i’ve hear of the time out issue is sort of feels like that, but it can take a few days for this problem to come back. What’s kind of messed up is there are two other people in my scene that have this same stick and both of them also had this same problem, but they could never figure out what’s happening. Is why i’m kind of surprised that no one else has kind of seen this before.

One of my friends with this same stick said he never had the problem till he had to get a new usb cord for the his stick then it started happening to him. Guess I could try a new cord or something.

This has also crossed my mind I have a gutted out Razer Atrox that I was going to put a brooks board in that I have, now i’m wondering if I should just do this to the TE2+ instead.

I’m just glad amazon was pretty cool with this. This is complete bullshit that someone should have to pay this amount for a stick and have to deal with this crap.

Well tried another cord and used it for about 5 hours today and its doing it even with a new cord. I don’t have a clue what’s going on with this thing.

I’ve had the same thing happen to me twice, even though all the lights are on the controller, the controller doesn’t take any inputs. Unplugged and replugged it back in to solve it but it’s still irritating.

If this were a razer stick we wouldnt hear the end of it from the forum regulars. But its Madcatz so uh, just get a multimeter dumbass!


I think the reason Razer gets a bad wrap is because it’s failed numerous amounts of times live on stream, I think it happened to Fuudo and Momochi?

Mad Catz on the other hand… Have all the exposure… The fact that a razer sponsored player won EVO on a live ESPN broadcast was using a TE2+… Says something :slight_smile:

It sucks that there appears to be a dodgy group of TE2+'s out there… It’s a pretty decent stick.

Well at any rate guess Madcatz wants to RMA it so back to them it goes hopefully the one they send back won’t be a pile of shit.

Welp got the new stick and have been using it for a good while until tonight when this stick also went unresponsive. Not sure what to do again besides yell at madcatz … again.

Hack it, Mod it, void the warrinty