Madcatz Brawl stick

So i bought a madcatz WWE Brawl stick, which is basically the Street Fighter SE right? and i’m definitely seeing the benefits of having a fightstick, but i’ve seen vids of people upgrading their SE’s with sanwa parts to be TE level. my question is, how much better are the sanwa parts? and in which ways are they better (i.e. better response, better feel?) thanks for your time guys :smiley: and if u guys have any tips for a competitive fighting game newbie, please do share! :slight_smile:

I think this thread is better suited or tech talk, however Sanwa parts are a lot better and last longer. Some people have had madcatz parts break in a day. I would recommend upgrading.

As for general tips, dont mash, stay calm, dont waste meter, and make sure your execution is as exact as possible.
^some of that assumes youre playing ssf4

haha yeah sometimes my executions arent as clean as i want them to be :confused: especially ultra combos with QCF characters like ryu…i always end up dragon punching and screwing myself over and leaving them with an opening -___- lol any tips on working on that?

Go to the lab and practice until you have it downpact.

yeah i’ve been doing the same with my combos…but at this rate i think it’s gna take me forever :confused: haha

Do not “ride the gate” when you go back to down for the second QCF. You should be in neutral state for a SPLIT second before you do the second QCF. Go into training mode, and turn on the inputs so you can tell if you are doing any unnecessary inputs. If you did it right, there should be two perfect QCFs and nothing else.

Definitely go with Sanwa parts if you can. Although the stock Brawl stick buttons are similar in feel to Sanwa, it is best to go with the authentic parts because they are the most sensitive and last the longest.

ahh thats probly why i’m DP-ing…thanks :slight_smile:

EDIT: would it be best to just use the generic parts for all theyre worth, then buy the new parts? i’m on a budget xD but if the upgrades are gna be that much better then i would consider dishing out the cash

Absolutely. :slight_smile: In fact, why not make some custom artwork to go with it? There are some tutorials in the Tech Talk boards to help you or you can request another member to make one for you! Add some personality to your stick!

oh i already did xD the first day i got it i peeled of the sticker, the second day i went to kinkos and got an mvc pic put on it xD hahaha i’m lovin it! lol

this was the pic i put xD haha
EDIT: or did u mean make my own design and put in as a skin? lol

LOL damn you work fast!! And it seems only yesterday that you were playing Street Fighter on dat pad right?

Sticks 4 lyfe

Show pics of the stick!

I have a white (SFIV) SE that I modded with a Sanwa JLF and OBSF-30s. I recommend it. For the colors alone. Instead of a white balltop with no shaft cover and white regular buttons with black “all” buttons, I now have a pink balltop, a black shaft cover, multi-colored regular buttons, and dark hai “all” buttons. It’s definitely worth it.

I guess the execution is better, too. But it’s all about style.

lol yeah actually prior to getting SSF4 i had vanilla and didnt like it so i stuck to MVC…but then i got SSF4 and was like “okay now i gotta get a stick” haha surely enough i researched and got it ASAP haha i’m proud of it :slight_smile: i think i’ll stick to the generics until something breaks xD at which point i’ll sanwa it out…cuz if i learn with a crappy stick and focus on sharpening my execution, i’ll be that much better with a high grade one right? haha

yeah man i’ll put up pics…maybe i can get some suggestions as to which colors i should get :smiley: haha

I did:

LP Light blue
LK Green
MP Yellow
MK Orange
HP Red
HK Purple

It kinda looks like a Fisher Price Fightstick. ;( I hope that helps.

LOL that sounds doper than mine…pics will be up in a min or two, u can see my wack ass set up xD all i did was switch the plungers on the stock buttons…it was originally
LP Blue
LK green
MP yellow
MK Red
and the other 4 black lol

What I did was play HD Remix, or another 2d fighter that has stricter inputs.
Also, one thing you could do is always make sure you start and end your motions on the CORRECT ending point so QCFx2 must begin on down and end on forward. A lot of execution errors come with people messing that aspect up.

Also, dragon punches are not forward, down, forward. They are forward, down, down+forward. I know you didnt say anything about that but ive come across a lot of people who had execution issues that were related to that misconception (myself included)

lol well for the longest time i thought it was foward, down, forward, thank you for clearing that up for me :slight_smile: if u end on forward will it not read it?

depends on the game, sf4 will usually read it but its hard to tell