Mad Catz - NEC XI Special BUY 1, GET 1 FREE PROMO! - This weekend ONLY!

B1G1 FREE - Coupon Code ‘NECXI’ (Case sensitive), you can mix and match Round 1 & Round 2 sticks for PS3 and 360 - Street Fighter IV - GameShark? Store

Just in case you missed out last week. This deal is just for NEC XI weekend!

If you want even BETTER deals, come visit the Mad Catz booth at NEC in Philly!

Fighting Game Tournaments in Philadelphia PA – The Northeast Championships

so sick

What are the better deals? I could possibly work something out…

If only madcatz shipped to canada…

You guys suck at Gameshark store. Numerous people were asking about mixing and matching and now you come out with this option. I even asked before my order was shipped and even sent an email which was never replied to. They said no. Lame, lame, lame.

The Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal was already decided on.

This is something I’m doing specifically for NEC XI weekend. Sorry you think we suck for trying to give people better deals. LIKE I SAID, in the previous thread. I tried, but to no avail.

This is a NEW promo.

can’t please em all Mark. great offer still. gonna abuse that right now so my brother-in-law can have the PS3 fightstick haha… saved me on the cost of making him one!

Hmmm… perhaps for next year’s Canada Cup, we’ll be able to ship to Canada!

x2. Is there any way we Canadians can get a hold of this deal?

I got the previous one with a pain in the ass method. I got one of my friends in USA to buy it for me and I paid him back with PayPal. I then got him to ship it to an address that is right across the border that will accept parcels on your behalf for 3 bucks a parcel. Luckily the border is a 1 and 1/2 hour drive.

Good thing I did not take advantage of the previous B1G1 round 1/2 fight sticks

why not just pay with paypal and ship to pt roberts? it’s what I do.

my passport photo is expired sooo I can’t go to the states for PO box pick ups
why can’t you guys ship to Canada? Some kind of law standing in your way? SMASH THEM UP!

x3. Is there any way we Canadians can get a hold of this deal?

probably because some company is cockblocking them.

does gameshark ship to mexico?

OMG! I’m getting these tomorrow

Fine, fine, fine. Purchased two of the Round 2s. Don’t much like the look of the round 1, couldn’t buy the SSF4 one on this deal apparently. I’ll just put in custom colored buttons ‘n’ bezel to finish the look when I feel like it.

hey, its still charging me 300 bucks for 2 joystick even with the code, whats the step when you buy it?

Ordered! :wink: Loving the deal! Keep em coming!