Louisiana Ranbat at Play N Trade: Saturday Nov 14, 2009-SF4/Tekken 6

Ok you know whats up. Everything is the same with the exception of Tekken 6 will be replacing Blaze Blue.

Venue Fee: $5.00

Tournament Fee: $5.00

Tekken 6

Tekken 6-PS3

Play N Trade
1950 Manhattan Blvd. Suite 102
Harvey, La 70058

November 14, 2009

1st %70
2nd %20
3rd %5
4th %5

People who I expect to attend.
Brydon (Lafayette champ): I have scheduled it when the saints are not playing so no excuses this time. :wink:

Nick (Baton Rouge champ): I hope Daigo has shown you the light.

Christian (Spanish Jap): It?s at Play N trade not Dibbz man.lol

Irvin: only in spirit.:angel:

Ricky: same as above lol

And everyone else?lets get it fuck.man up people

I dunno about Tekken 6 for 360 Pat, doesn’t a lot of the Tekken base use ps1/2 pads so they would rather it on ps3? Just something to consider.

100% of the Tekken fan base in L.A. plays PS.

cool, we can do sf4 on xbox 360 and tekken on the ps3. I will take care of that for you guys.

Ya’ll gonna make me get T6. Dang, the wife ain’t gonna like this. LOL

Well, I wanted BB to come back because it is a good game, but tekken is exceptional. This I practiced hard so top 8 here I come.

:rofl: aight man, i promise i’ll make this one (in spirit):rofl:

damn right saturday is nice! i can go to the saints game!

No problem we will have Tekken 6 on PS3. Stone are you bringing your PS3 for Tekken?

Yeah, I’ll definitely bring it.

This “should” be a good day for me but I have a bad feeling. If I come out, I’ll bring a full set-up for Tekken.

Is there any people from Ms coming to the Ranbat?

Hey its on a Saturday:tup:, I’m pretty sure me and my bro will make it for both Tekken 6 and sf4.

Lets get it…

Also, anyone wants to MM in Sf4 let me know…

Sure any amount you want. You just have to disable one punch and one kick and I am down.

Sure…same goes for u…

Yeah I was thinking you might say that. I think it would still be in Rogs favor. And it would keep me from doing TAP at retarded times like I like to do. Just the wake up factor puts it in my favor I think. Itwould be interesting though. We might have to do it.I’ll see if I’m even going to make it and let you know.

Been a while since the last time I went to the ranbat and seen a fighting game scene . Can’t wait for the Ranbat Pat :smile: !

Shame about no Blazblue but I’ll see if I can make it.

I can compete in SF4 but I would need to borrow a stick for 360 version.

Not a problem, there are plenty of sticks for you to use…Is there anyone else coming down with you?