Looking for a local group to train with!

Hey SRK enthusiasts!

So I am new to SRK community but not new to SFIV. I have followed the fighting game scene thoroughly and have been to a few small tournaments. I’ve been playing for a few years now and have come to realize that I do not have many friends who play, and the ones who do really don’t care to “train”.

Although I could add friends online to play, I’d rather meet up with a group to train, learn, and teach others (if their is any knowledge to extend on my behalf) every now then. This doesn’t have to be on a regular schedule or anything. I just want to group up and play, have fun, eat, whatever, and get better at the game and meet some new people who have similar intentions. I am willing to host or to join someone else’s group if they’re willing.

If you’re interested here is a little about me:
-Playing SF4 for about 2 years (I know and understand the game mechanics pretty well, but how I react to them might be different)
-Main: Blanka (fairly experienced, usually bounce around 2500PP and 3500PP online. I should be able to deliver some kind challenge to you, lol)
-Second: Cody (decent, nuff said).
-I am 29 (yea I am with the older crowd. I used to love playing SFII Turbo). Not to descriminate but I rather play/hang with others in their 20’s or older.
-I live in San Jose, CA. I am willing to travel about 30 minutes to train with others.
-I am good sport, get along with almost everyone.
-I have a TE fightstick that supports XBOX 360 (in case you only have 1 TE and a PS3, haha)
-I am also pretty good at MK9, although I havn’t touched it since AE came out.

Although this is kind of dorky, I really don’t know where else to find a group of others wanting to play and train. I hope this is well received. Thanks, all!



check there for all the Bay area meetings. Your best bet for San Jo is to go to Sunnyvale/Milpitas golfland arcade. We also have weekly meet ups down in Santa Cruz.

check here

Like they said. Bay Area has a TON of crews and sessions. South Bay alone will give you plenty of upper level meat grinders if you poke around enough.