Lineage of SNK games

It is extremely hard to find reliable sources for SNK Canon in English.

KLantis’ FAQ on Gamefaqs and Galactica Phantom:

Has some good backstory info on all the KOF characters pre-2002 but a good bit of the storyline info actually is not proven to be canon. Not to mention that some backstories and plot developments have been retconned since 2003.

The Anniversary Site has all of the official English translations of the Team Intro Stories from KOF 94-2003

Although sadly enough I’ve seen fan translations of the intro stories on Cyberfanatix and whatnot that are actually better than the official SNK translations…

Saiki has an excellent storyline FAQ on Samurai Spirits at GameFAQs:
Although info on Warriors Rage is sorely missing.

Hrmm… Does the KOF:EX series for the GBA fit in anywhere time-line wise though? I heard that the two GBA games slotted in timeline-wise where KOF98 and KOF 2002 were. :wonder:

I think EX1 for GBA is after 97? and EX2 is after EX1…

jack turner needs to apear in a kof game

Why by lineage? I mean, you don’t need to play Street Fighter 1 in order to enjoy Street Fighter 2.

My list of recommended SNK fighters:

Garou: MOTW: On GGPO, but competition is vicious, you will get destroyed, but fun for learning.

Real Bout Fatal Fury 2: Has auto-combos like MVC and some great sprite-work.

Last Blade 1 and 2: Part 2 is aesthetically ‘prettier’ but the balance is broken unlike the first game.

Samurai Shodown 2, 4, and 5 Special: 2 is a classic retro game, a lot of fun. 4 is a little broken to be honest, so long as you’re not playing against a Korean that has mastered infintes it’s fun. 2 and 4 are on GGPO I should point out. V Special is the most fun, has the best controls, and has the best balance. V Special can only be played online at Supercade, but do what I do and try to schedule a match through the GGPO lobby. SS players will be happy to help you set it up.

KOF 98, 2000, 2002, and XI: Can’t go into too much, they’re all solid games. If you curious, look up gameplay footage on Youtube.

None of the Art of Fighting games are particularly good to be honest.

Kizuna Encounter: This has no scene whatsoever, but it’s one of my favorites. It’s a fun weapons-based tag fighter with dial-a-combo like Real Bout. Worth checking out through emulation.