Kysg : vol.6 -elena


also check out the t3 jin vid…

daaang talk about perfection…I know his videos are good but he out did himself in this one!

awsome, i never knew how big of a beast elena was

No combo should involve what is essentially 9 dragon punches. :wow:

Hey Thongboy, your request got filled…=D

:o is there any i can get non zip vid?

Uh … can I get some notation or a site with combos and shit?

I didnt know you could actually do all that in 3rd Strike. Its one of the only 2d fighters I actually want to learn.

You need it unzipped because…?

I can translate their combo list for the vid if you want. May take a little bit though.

That would be cool. . but I actually have to learn how to play!!

<<so inspired that hes playing 3rd strike in practice mode


Good stuff. I’m glad he didn’t mention on his site that he was planning to do Elena because it turned out to be a pleasant surprise.

Also, does anyone know where I can find an MP3 of the song in KYSG’s Gouki vid? It’s called “LTJ Bukem - Demons Theme” and I can’t find any information on it anywhere. Speaking of that, it’s always cool how he finds a suitable song to match the character he’s doing.

if anyone has the song from the ken vid hook me up! haha…

Gaijinblaze: Check soulseek, there are a lot of LTJ Bukem fans on it…

Anyone got a link to the Gouki vid? CV doesn’t seem to have it.


kygs is amazing

This video is awesome-- it’s good to see Elena (my fave SF3 char) in the spotlight. I’m impressed by a lot of the combos, especially the Death Combos–but is it me or would a half-decent player not fall for repetitive overhead arcs?

kysg makes some wicked hot videos. By far some of the coolest 3S combos I’ve seen in a while.

cuz my xbox doesnt like zip files! :o

Ummm…you do understand those all combo/connect right? Which is the whole reason why it’s so cool.

NO. WAY. All those hits connect? And you mean to tell me people call it a “combo”? Does everyone call it this? I think I did something like that before with Ryu. I jumped in with roundhouse, then pressed down & roundhouse.

Anyways, that vid was sick. Healing? WTF?