Justice League/DC movie thread

Figure I make a thread about the Justice League movie since DC is finally moving forward on it.

Aside from Nolan’s Batman, what has been a good DC movie?

I still think DC fucked up by not having Capcom make fighting games with their characters in the 90’s.

Not familiar with him. What has he done?

lol honestly i cant see dc characters in capcom. lol batman spamming baterangs. wonderwoman being the hulk.

It would have been nice for sure, but as someone who was never really a fan of the marvel engine I would have loved a traditional SF experience if they had handled the IP.

I don’t know how they could make it work. Wonder Woman hasn’t been features, Superman is now a creep, and Nolan’s Batman inhabits his own universe.

I would like to see this happen but they really need to get their shit together first.

Dude you gonna say that when Magneto was river dancing over people, Sentinel was not a jobber and they somehow made Cyclops likeable? man GTFO with that shit. Seriously though it is fucking amazing how well the x-men cartoon and the Capcom games kept the Marvel characters in the mind of people who don’t play comic books. Always thought that DC done goofed by missing the fighting game boat (I should say the Good fighting game boat).

didnt realize the video game had such an impact. but remember the cartoon was super big at the exact same time sooo its prob a combo of game and cartoon. everyone watched 90’s x-men…even my mom was into it.

I don’t know if the mainstream movie industry depends more on cocaine or imitation to sustain itself.

Watching Superman vs The Elites in an hour…As far as I’m concerned, while live-action is “okay”, the only right way to do comic movies with superheroes is animation (and not letting the animators fuck around with designs like that god-awful Wolverine vs Hulk). Otherwise, you’re just getting the director’s vision, and not the creator’s.

Yeah, they should just forget the stand alone movies and go straight for the team up. They already had it in mind as a CG movie with a completely different cast, which fell apart. They should keep some of the cast (Armie Hammer as batman, but keep Cavill as Supes, get rid of baruchel), keep George Miller, get a better story, and leave the CG idea. It’s going to be late in the game, but hopefully thanks to the avengers it will be a better and more polished product than what they were originally going to put out.

When its all said and done both Avengers 2 and Justice League having done their thing. I’m really hoping DC can suprise us and get on the Marvel bandwagon so they can finally make a MARVEL/DC movie.

Man I sure hope this whole film is set to a Linkin Park soundtrack.

Another thing to keep in mind about this movie is that DC is doing a complete 180 and instead of building up to the JL they’re using it to springboard separate movies afterwards like Flash, Wonder Woman, etc… It could work in theory but it seems like you’ll have more of a hard time making us give a shit about the character or even know who they are to someone who isn’t informed.

Both Marvel and DC play it safe with live action and leave the more ‘out there’ concepts or unpopular characters for animation.
The thing is, except for the trinity, the rest of the Justice League couldn’t hold up a movie on their own.

A film adaptation of Preacher would be more successful and would kick more ass.

Ah Preacher. He should be played by Danny Devito.

Hopefully Jeph Loeb will get a crack on one of the drafts of the Justice League screenplay. That guy’s comics suck but he was responsible for Commando and Teen Wolf so I have faith in his movie making abilities.

If Robin isn’t doing handstands on the roof of the Batmobile while in transit, I preemptively declare this movie an abysmal failure.

Evil superman (superman vs the elite) is a scary motherfucker… lol reminds me of how iredeemable might look like.


I know it’s for TV but for me it was a great show back then. I followed it as a kid. Sucks that it got cancelled.

Jeph Loeb got the Avengers:EMH canceled so I would rather him get cancer than work on the Justice League movie. Fuck that guy.

People love the Flash so he could easily have a successful movie just about him. Just get a handsome guy with charisma to play Flash (Michael Fassbender), get a hot chick to play Killer Frost (Zoe Zaldana?Who cares they’ll be blue anyway) to be the villain and you got a block buster.

Captain cold will play a role but in the end its the more unstable Killer Frost who becomes the real big bad in the movie and people especially fangirls will eat it up.