Juri debuted in SNK v Capcom?

I was watching a video of the ending for Bison. And lo and behold two of his dolls here there congratulating his victory. One was Juni, and the second one was named Juri and even looks like her. But I thought Juri wasn’t a doll.

Nope, completely different character.

June/July dolls are pronounced starting with a “Y”, Juri is pronounced starting with a "J"
I can see where the confusion comes from though.

Also posting this unofficial HK movie cause… well.

:open_mouth: WTF Did I just watch… She got a nice ass, AHEM…


It’s Juni and Juli, not Juri…

The whole asian r/l confusion comes to mind.

Juli = http://www.fightersgeneration.com/characters2/juli.html

Alpha 3 character

Or what @4neqs said, as the “yuli” / “yuni” pronunciations make sense as well.
I still think SNK wrote in “Juri” because of the “L/R” translation thing…

I give you dumprings!

But it doesn’t look like either of them

…The names of the Shadowloo dolls are Juni and Jul®i. Juri didn’t appear in the Street Fighter universe until Super.