[Jun 19, 2011] Gaming Etc MK9/AE/MVC3 (Stratford, CT)

Hey guys were back again doing another tournament this Sunday to get everyone ready for ECT for those who are going from the area(even if you aren’t going to ECT come by)

Games Being Played

Mortal Kombat 9
Marvel vs Capcom 3

$5 venue fee
$10 per game


Gaming ETC
Stratford CT 06615

The venue opens at 10 am which means you can get in casuals from this time, tournaments start at 1pm. So we can ensure we do end at 6 pm please be on team and courteous to staff running the tournaments :slight_smile:


So post if you plan on coming by or have any questions :slight_smile:

I’m in there. Going for that silver medal.


I might come through.

I can count it towards the ranbat points just some small things have to be worked out still

I may end up coming it depends if i can get the day off from work

Good thing I got sundays off

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going to be a good weekend

Thats right it will… Walter, you need me to bring anything?

i might come

woop woop

Depends on what goes down for Fathers day…im leaning towards a no though unfortunately. Sad too, My ibuki has definitely leveled up quickly since AE’s release. :slight_smile:

Wow. Ive been a long time “guest” here on the forums. Never really found a need to sign up. I live in CT, and I was never aware there was a competitive scene. This is awesome! I’m not sure about making this one, (considering i stumbled across it at 5AM >>) but if you guys ever host another count me in! Add me on XBL for casuals
o CheatCode o

I came early, thought somebody with a setup was going to be here =/