[Jul 9, 2011] Salt Lake City July9th SSF4 AE, MVC3, MK9 (West Jordan utah)

Salt Lake City Utah MK9, SSF4 AE and MVC3 tournament

Tournament Announcement

Summerslam July 9th

brought to you by ermac2 and Hadouken Md

This your chance to get rid of last second nerves before Evo. Play against the best in Utah in the most popular fighting games. Featuring players who have placed in majors such as IIPeru and 801 Strider in SSF4 AE, Konqrr in MK9, and also local champ Juptile in MVC3.

Time: Warmups 1:15
Tournament begins 2:00

Games played: Super Street Fighter 4 AE, Mortal Kombat 9, and Marvel vs Capcom 3.

Cost: 5 dollars per game played. Payouts are 70/30 for MK9 and MVC 3. SSF4 AE is 70/20/10

System: Xbox 360. Bring your own controller/stick. If you don’t have one, will loan you one for your matches.

Format: 2/3, double elimination. Grand Finals 3/5

Rules: Any pause will cause you to forfeit the round. Winners keeps same characters in all games but can change ultra if applicable.

Location: Thanhs aka Semitry’s house. It is in West Jordan by Jordan Landing. PM for address. This is the best venue we have. Plenty of room, tons of setups. There is a 65" Plasma on the wall used for main stage. Tons of hype. Some house rules, don’t park in front of the neighbors house. Shoes come off at entrance. Please shower, clean clothes/socks. Have your ride to take you home when tournament ends. No hanging out at the venue when tournament ends. We are doing this venue to maximize our play time with maximum setups. We may still do events in the future at Gamegrid.

Schedule: All games will start at 2pm. Will be splitting setups between games depending on amount of entrants. We should be done before 7pm.