[Jan 14, 2012] XBox Live Avatar Fighter Online Tournament (In your living room)

Alright, kids! You wanted it, you got it.


Time: Saturday, 1/14/12, 7:00 Central. (8:00 EST, 5:00 PST)

Format: Double-elimination, 2/3 rounds, 2/3 matches. Grand Finals will be 3/5 matches. (Winners and Losers Finals are still 2/3 matches.) Winner keeps character/Avatar/moveset.

Legal characters/moves: All of 'em. Seriously. Since the unblockable projectile glitch has been patched and there’s a one projectile limit on screen per player, there’s nothing right now that I could see as being broken. Cheap? Oh god yes. Deal with it, nerd.

Entry Fee: Your Pride. All of it. It’s on the line.

Prize: Uh…I don’t have anything. Actually, I take that back. I think I have a 100 Microsoft Points code laying around from that Bing Rewards thing. That’s right. Winner gets like $1.25. Seriously, I don’t have anything cool to give away online. :frowning: Sorry. If this takes off, I’ll start considering giving you prizes out of my pocket. And I don’t mean lint.

How do you enter? Simple. Post in here by 6:45 CST Saturday, make sure to include your XBL Gamertag, and meet back in this thread at 7:00 CST this Saturday. At 7:00, I’ll post everyone’s first match. Add that person to your XBL Friend List, get in Avatar Fighter Online, and play best-of-three matches. Winner reports back to this thread, and I’ll post the next round once everyone finishes that round. Rinse and repeat until we have one person remaining.


  • You MUST have at least ONE open spot on your Friends List. I can’t remember if Microsoft still has that 100 Friends limit or not (guess how many friends I DON’T have), but it’s not something we want to deal with that day. So make sure you have room for your opponents.

  • Make SURE you have Version 1.2. I’ve had a couple Version Mismatch connection errors lately.

  • DON’T LIE. Seriously. It’s a free tournament and the winner barely gets anything aside from manly amounts of pride. Don’t make me require screen-caps for a free tournament that involves a $1 indie game. Play some casuals afterward, ask for tips on the forums later on, but own up to your losses.

  • Last, but not least, QUIT DOWNLOADING PORN WHILE PLAYING. Netcode is good but not that good. Tell the missus that she has to wait a little while to finish that season of How I Met Your Mother on Netflix. She might get angry and go cheat on you while you play, but hey, it’s worth it.

I, uh…think that’s it. Let me know if I forgot anything important. First time organizing a tournament online.

Hogosha (GT - Shin Hogosha)
SlyFighter (GT - slyhawk765)
factory9 (GT - Astejos)
MollyFighter (GT - RoshieTheMecha)
Losha (GT - PonyLosha)
Dragoomba (GT - Dragoomba)
greenknight224 (GT - greenknight224)
Steve baldeo (GT - XxQuikSlayerxX)
Jambitboom (Playing under ecgief’s handle, UNIBARAKOBOMBER)

Sounds good. I’ll play.

My Gamertag: slyhawk765

forgot to put GT in message.
GT: PonyLosha


GT: Dragoomba


Anyone up for some casuals?

i just got this and i am good! (Ganertag: Greenknight224)

gt… XxQuikSlayerxX

i am joining (gamertag: Greenknight224 )

I’m signing up my friend Joe:

GT: Jambitboom

EDIT: He will be playing on my account. So there will be two of us playing on UNIBARAKOMBOMBER.

Is that all right?

everyone its central time just in case and also slyfighter (aka slyhawk) and quikslayer found out how to spectate but idk how can anyone tell me?

That’s alright. Although, you have two different gamertags there. Is it UNIBARAKOMBOMBER or UNIBARAKOBOMBER? (The first has an extra M in it.)

Twenty minutes, everyone. I’ll get the bracket done up and post first matches a couple minutes before 7:00.

^Sorry, the latter is correct, without the extra M.

i forgot the k in my name my gt… is XxQuikSlayerxX srry

there is no M, before i signed up i ended up fighting unibarakobomber, he probably just made a mistake in spelling.

wait nevermind to all about slyfighter knowing how to spectate, he did but he doesnt know how

wait there’s no capital G, its greenknight224

Alright! Ten people, so first round only has two match-ups. Other six people get a bye for first round, but I’ll post your second round matches right now so you can play 'em.



SlyFighter (GT - slyhawk765) vs greenknight224 (GT - greenknight224)

Losha (GT - PonyLosha) vs Hogosha (GT - Shin Hogosha)


Jambitboom (Playing under ecgief’s handle, UNIBARAKOBOMBER) vs MollyFighter (GT - RoshieTheMecha)

eczangief (GT - UNIBARAKOBOMBER) vs Steve baldeo (GT - XxQuikSlayerxX)

Dragoomba, you’ll play the winner of slyfighter and greenknight, so stick around and wait for a request.

Factory9, you’ll play the winner of Losha and myself, so don’t go too far. Winner will request a match.


wait so you vs the person 2/3 rounds AND 2/3 matches in total?

I beat Shin… not sure if he meant to pick Cyndi right off the bat, but :confused:
So now what happens? I’m decently confused.
gg to Shin btw. That was close.

won :frowning: i failed miserably