James May's Man Lab aka SRK Tech Talk's new Favorite Show

To quote from Capt. Slow himself:
“Welcome to Man Lab. The grueling arena in which the terminal decline of man will be arrested and possibly even reversed. In this humble industrial building we will revive and relearn the skills that defined man, and drag them, glittering on to a broad, sunlit, upland of being a proper chap. Oh we’ll be doing some woodwork anyway and maybe some plumbing.”

[media=youtube]C8I6hN4Y3qg"[/media] had James and the Man Lab team:
-Defusing a German WWII bomb, successfully (not counting the ZUS40 booby trap fuse).
-Cast their own concrete kitchen countertop.
-Teaching chap how to serenade a girl using a guitar tuned for cheating (open perfect fifth).
-Polish a leather boot to Royal Army standard.
-Build a train service to serve food to all areas of the Man Lab.
-Cooked a fish finger manwich.
-Build a [media=youtube]FnaiIfu7c_U&feature=channel"[/media] for which to have your ginger beer and jam sandwiches while mowing the lawn.

Episode 2 is now up and has them cocking about and [media=youtube]zn2QWE-Jqew]building their own pub while attending to [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8uLzONW6HMU&feature=channel[/media].

That trailer was sweet. My roommate is an avid Top Gear fan so I know he will also want to watch this too.

Ooh didn’t know the second episode was out.

Just watched them both now.
Real good.

Just got episode 2 from “the usual sources.” Gonna wait until I get home from work to watch it.

Sounds awesome. Top Gear is baller and I liked Toy Stories, so I’ll have to look into this.

Captain Slow is awesome. Hell, pretty much everyone associated with Top Gear is awesome, so this show shouldn’t disappoint. :rofl:

Trust me, it doesn’t. It’s basically Top Gear production values and humour applied to a DIY show with the exception that they actually get stuff done (thanks to Simi).

Episode 3 is out. sadly, can’t seem to find any preview videos from the Beeb on Youtube.

No. Close, but not exactly Top Gear. There’s an interesting lack of tall, loud people as well as short folk with really white teeth.

That said, you never see anything in Top Gear settled over dueling sabers.

Goddamn, Awesome british shows shouldn’t be allowed to make seasons only 3 episodes long.