Is UMK3 in Armageddon Arcade perfect

I’m not sure if everyone knows that UMK3 can be played in MK Armageddon, but that may only be possible if you purchase the special edition, I’m not sure.

Anyway I’m just curious if it is arcade perfect or not because I’ve tried a couple of smoke’s combos and they seem to work but I’m not sure about the rest of the characters because really play the game but I would love to be able to learn on console because we don’t really have MK cabs in houston. If there is any one who really knows alot about UMK3 I would appreciate it if you could test the game out and let ppl know what the deal is. The word is that the game is a direct arcade port, iunno.

And if the game is arcade perfect that would be great for future tournies where ppl can’t get a hold to a MK board and cab since everything is going to console anyway.

From what i have heard: no, not really. Shock mentions some slowdowns and some sound problems but other than that it’s all cool.


Its good. It’s a B+ in the most anal sense. There are minor loading times which I expected and don’t bother me much at all, it takes about 3 seconds to load a match sometimes, but usually next to nothing. There are music issues when going through levels. The music hangs during the animation and goes into the next one, a bit odd and unlike the arcade which stops, the animation through the levels happens then the next one starts as they get up. During finish him, after it’s over the music bleeds through again, and there is also some music bleeding between rounds. It’s a little weird and I don’t even know why it would happen.

The most noticable thing however, is the slow down at times. I was performing Reptile’s juggle dashing combo on Jade and there was a noticable stutter in the animation and sluggishness.

The hidden characters do not stay unlocked…

Also, for further mention, the sound is a bit tinny.

You cannot change the control configuration which is something people would just like to have.

I was playing a bit more and noticed Human Smoke disappears quite often on random frames…Nightwolf disappeared for a frame as he fell at Fatality, and super slowdown when two smoking characters are on screen, ie: lots of slow when Jade does he dash kick vs say, Human Smoke.

As far as I can tell, all glitchiness aside, the gameplay is intact.

I’ll try not to make this sound like an “Angry Nintendo Nerd” rant, but I was pretty dissapointed with the “arcade perfect” UMK3 on MK:A. Is it me, or is Midway very lazy? And people thought Capcom was lazy with Morrigan sprites.

I mean they knew about the Start glitch and was able to fix it for the PC version of Midway Arcade Treasures. Now, the same glitch is present in UMK3. And I know some will say that the reason with all these screw ups is that the MK games are hard to emulate. Well, MAME as someone mentioned, has zero problems emulating it now. True, gameplay is perfect. But they could at least have a save feature for unlocked characters.

And I’m not going to mention Namco’s and Capcom’s handling on emulating or porting old fighting games, cause like someone said on the other MK thread, “It’s like compairing a horse dick with a douche.”

Conclusion: Midway fails at emulating. Unless this is Digital Eclipse’s doing.

I’m under the impression that this is the ps2 version. Has anyone tested the 360 Live version and how well does it emulate?

The XBLA version isn’t out yet. If there are problems with that and its still Digital Eclipse’s doing, they need to be fired.

UMK3 for PS2 I can understand there being problems since they weren’t going to port the game to the system, that’d take too long and cost too much. So they emulated a game that MAME had problems emulating for a very long time. The gameplay was always good but for whatever reason MAME always liked to butcher the sound and screw up pallets.