Is SSF4:AE Worth It?


I was wondering if this game is still worth the buy, or I should save my money. I have sf3 on psn, so I’ll be able to get into this game pretty quickly. Thanks!


Should I go for AE or just vanilla? The only difference is a few characters, right?

AE is up to date, Vanilla has the dumbest/funniest shit ever, but it was great 2 years playing it.
So yeah, go for AE.

if this game worth the buy?
you dont get a better fight game for PC than this, even with emulators and consoles, this is one of the best games you can choose.

And the difference is not just a few characters, but a good bunch of 'em.

There is a large difference between Vanilla and Super. And even larger one between Vanilla and AE.
Choose carefully, choose AE.

This is a slogan waiting to happen…

don’t get AE unless you have mounds of patience and have people to play with(offline) it’s not worth it. Past the typical complaining of it’s faults real talk, there are better games out there.

There (arguably) are, but they all need people to play with offline much more than AE does*. The AE netcode has it’s faults, that’s undeniable, but it does at least have people to play. Try getting a Soulcalibur V game with a good connection on European PSN** and you’ll appreciate the volume of players SSFIV has.

Is AE perfect? No. Is it good? Yes.

*Also, it’s easier to find offline players for AE than any other game…
**It’s worth it when you do, of course (I love Soulcalibur V) it just takes so long…

I wasn’t hating on AE I was just speaking from my personal experiences. In AE ranked match in damn near completely useless, and endless requires ridiculous amounts of waiting(considering you’re a beginner). Then there is the netcode, which isn’t the best. All that makes it very hard to level up your game in online play. AE is definitely a game to be played offline. Can’t tell you how frustrating it is for a zangief player to move with 3p lariat and grab you from half screen. shits ridiculous. This game also has a horrible match making system. You mean to tell me out of the millions of psn all over the world and millions who have this game not a single one of them is playing atm? utter bullshit.

Apologies, I misunderstood the tone your post. I agree entirely, then - particularly with this…

I think I’ve used the “walking into a taqueria and asking, ‘is Mexican food good or should I go Chinese’” analogy before for this sort of thread.