Is it possible to get the balltop off of the Namco stick?

I cannot, for the life of me, get this thing off; so, I can’t get the joystick out to replace it.

Would anyone that’s modded a Namco stick please tell me how they managed to get the balltop off?

Edit:// For clarification - I DO know how to remove a balltop. I have completely modded an SE stick with all Sanwa parts. My problem is, though I’m using the flathead screwdriver method, the balltop will not budge at all.

hold the stem steady with some pliers then just unscrew the ball with your hand as you hold the stem in place.

Doesn’t work. The shaft still moves when you grip it with pliers.

I bet it has a plastic cover on it.

Try to push the plastic dust covers up or down so you can get a grip of the metal stem.

I have two Namco Arcade Sticks.
I have been able to remove Ball Top from both.

Grip the Shaft tighter with wrench by using a towel or something.

But why are you gripping the Shaft?

Easier is to open the Case from the bottom.
Then use a Flathead Screwdriver to put in the notch at end of Shaft.
Holding the Screwdriver will keep Shaft in place as you twist off the Ball Top.

Japanese Joysticks are designed like that.

Sorry I was telling you the wrong thing (i’m tired)

You gotta open up your stick and look underneath the shaft and take a flat head screw driver it place it in the shaft part to hold it steady and unscrew the ball with your hand.

Thats how it is done.

You have to open the stick up, not really any other way. it’s easy.

Sorry about the brain fart.

It. Does. Not. Work.

It doesn’t matter if you move the dust washer up. Regardless of where you grip the actuator, it -still- spins. The only way for it to -not- spin is to use a flathead screwdriver and stick it in the bottom of the actuator.

However, when I do this, the ball will absolutely not budge. It will turn, but the ball will not move up on the thread of the screw.

Guys, I know how you get the balltop off of a joystick. I’ve fully modded my SE with all Sanwa parts. I’m wanting to do the same with my Namco stick, but the ball is STUCK ON.

I’m trying to tell you that the conventional method isn’t working at all.

It won’t remove the balltop, but have you tried removing the entire shaft by taking off the e-clip from the bottom?

You should have mentioned that at the start of Thread then.

Since you are just going to replace stock Namco Joystick.
Remove the Clip at end of Shaft, then you be able to take whole Shaft out.
Unscrew some stuff from the Joystick Base, then it be separate from Case.