Is anyone excited for Jojo's Bizarre Adventure HD?

Is anyone excited for Jojo HD? I really enjoy collecting fighting games, whether they are downloads or not, but I tried jojo’s bizarre adventure for the first time a few months ago on a PS1 and had a lot of fun with it. I really like how they are bringing it back in its own HD. I really hope that people will take interest into it.

I had little idea what I was doing when I played the first time, but watching some videos, it seems very unique. Do you think you will give it a chance and pick it up?

I play JoJo’s on supercade and GGPO so even if the netcode is worse than those things, I’ll still prolly pick it up. it’s good to practice the game on my stick as opposed to kb. get hype!

I’m definitely interested. As long as there are people to play with online (not a big scene where I am) I’ll try to become gdlike at this game

Why aren’t you plugging your stick into your PC to play?

there is already a thread for the game

So hype. Cannot wait to play :tup:

idk ask these guys The Jojo's Bizzare Adventure Thread!

My apologies, I don’t visit the forums regularly enough.

NP, but use the other/existing thread. Jojo’s is awesome. :tup: