I'm very frustrated trying to print my first stick art. Help?

Hi all,

I’m really lost here and I could use a hint or two on what to do now. A while back I got a Mad Catz WWE Brawl Stick for cheap and after some months of regular use I decided to mod it. Opening the stick and replacing the stock joystick and buttons with Sanwa parts wasn’t very difficult, but for the life of it I can’t figure out how to print the custom artwork properly.

I grabbed this template d3v posted for the Mad Catz SE because I read that it would work with my stick. Since I don’t know how to use Photoshop, I asked on reddit if someone could put together a design that I had in mind. I provided the template and some images and I got this image back.

Now the problem is that I’ve searched everywhere but I can’t find any specific instructions on how to print this properly. Everyone always suggest “go to Kinko’s, print the art in a high quality laser printer (at 300 DPI), ask for lami-labeling, cut the holes and it’s done”. However:
[*]What resolution should I print this to match the stick size? I’ve gone to 2 different places and I ended up with this. My image’s resolution is (something by something); should I scale it down to some exact proportion to get what I need? Or should I just leave it like that and ask the person at the store to use some cropping before printing it? Clearly at its current state it’s not working.

[*]I’m in Canada; therefore, there’s no Kinko’s here. Every time I walked into a printing store and asked to print the image and then “lami-label” it, the cleks give me a look like I’m talking gibberish. Since lami-labeling is not available for me, what are my options? Plastify the image and then apply some glue at the back side?

[*]Finally, is it too bad that my image is a .jpg? I asked the person who did this for me for the .psd file but he never got back to me and later he deleted his account.
Sorry for the long post but this has been more frustrating that it should’ve been. After some failed attempts this is what I have (1, 2). I hope someone can help me with some more specific instruction on how to solve this so that my stick doesn’t look like crap anymore. :frowning:

For starters that JPG you have has been reduced to 96 dpi, you want (at least) 300 for print quality. If you can’t get the original PSD you’re going to need to recreate it or it’s most likely going to come out poorly when it’s printed.

Kinko’s is FedEx Office which you should be able to find in major cities in Canada. Depending on the location they don’t have A4 (8x11) lamilabel though so you’ll need to ask around. If you get an especially clueless person and they don’t know what lamilabel is you can try asking if they do adhesive vinyl + lamination. Make sure you get them to print on heavy stock paper, not gloss!

Or failing that you could always use Art’s Hobbies.

Thanks for the reply. I’ve looked at Tek-Innovations before but all of their templates seem to be for Mad Catz TEs. Or can I just send them the recreated template and they’ll print it?

Oh durrr I missed that it was a SE stick sorry. That won’t help you then since they’re designed to be secured under custom plexi’s.

I’ve had custom art printed for a modded Hori FS3 at a FedEx Office before but it was a painful process of finding a branch that did the lamilabel then finding someone at said branch who knew what they were doing…

It is the same issues with Office Depo and Staples. Trying to find a Copy & Print person that is worth their paycheck is critical.

You can also look for is smaller or dedicated print shops as they have personnel that knows what the hell they are doing.

Asking on reddit when there are some great artists/designers on SRK was your first mistake, hence the 96dpi image.

I did! But no one got back to me. :frowning:

Should have tried the Tech Talk art thread as well.

I’ll do that then. Any other thing I’m missing here? I don’t want to go to the printing store again and be all disappointed. :frowning:

Also remember to turn your button layer off

Hey guys!

Someone offered to help me (since after much struggle all my photoshop attempts were useless). He came up with this. Is this image ok? Again, the resolution is huge (3500×2500) so I assume some resizing must be done in order to print right?

That new image is only 89.9922 dpi.

The size is correct but, as @ukyo_rulz has stated, the dpi/ppi is wrong. It should be set to 300 dpi for it to print correctly.

Ok guys, once again I’m back with some improvements from my bud.

Is this image better? I think the dimensions are a bit different this time though.

you should not get confused between dimension and resolution in image editing term, dimension is so much x so much (either in pixels or in mm/cm/inches) resolution is dpi setting, for printing standard it should always be 300dpi (pixel/inch), not 72, not 200 or any other numbers. when in doubt open an image editing software, freeware like GIMP will do, then make a new file, first set the dpi setting to 300, then fill in the dimension in actual size use a ruler to measure your faceplate’s length and width, then drop the artwork you have there on your new file, if the artwork fit perfectly then probably your designer did it correctly.